BATAVIA - A Human Story

Logline: When in 1629, the nautical pride of the richest Dutch Company, Batavia --loaded with weapons and unique gems-- shipwrecks in an unknown island, mutiny, murder, treason, and passion exalt human traits.

This unique story is based on the true story of a shipwreck in 1629 where mutiny, murder, treason, and passion exalt human traits. Knowing that “we are sons of history,” we understand it is impossible to evolve if we do not know the journey our ancestors made. "Batavia" depicts several traits of human nature and teaches us about acceptance, redemption, and hope. All those three are cornerstones in our view, and we are willing to represent them through this thrilling story. We think that it is important to be faithful to the real history at the time to make the adaptation. That is the reason that in the first season of this long-run show very few elements are added to the real story; which is chilling by itself. There are several REAL-LIFE elements and subplots in this story; a story that has NEVER been made on a TV show yet.
The richest Dutch Company (VOC) sends its nautical pride (The Batavia) towards the East Indian. The ship is loaded with weapons and unique gems. Travel conditions are inhumane, and more than 300 people travel in Batavia in a dangerous mix of social disparity. Novelty, children, thieves, soldiers, and pirates travel together. After the shipwreck, a sociopath emerges as the leader of the survivors on the small islet known as "Batavia Graveyard". Sooner than later, Jeronimus Cornelisz helped with a gang he creates, begins killing as many people as he can; pregnant women, children, babies, and men. Nobody is safe, neither Cornelisz.

  • Halasius Bradford
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    Television Script
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    historical, action, drama, adventure
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Halasius Bradford

Halasius Bradford comes from a marginated low-income background in South America. The first of his family to study, Halasius is a "Summa Cum Laude student," a member of the prestigious "Phi Kappa Phi" society, and has won the "President's Distinguish Honor" award (America's most prestigious student honor).

In addition to his degree in "Spanish Literature" obtained in Argentina, Halasius has obtained in just three years the following degrees in Los Angeles, California:

CSUN: BA in Screenwriting.
LAVC: AA in Film, TV, and Broadcasting, AA in Directing, AA in Screenwriting, AA in Postproduction, and an AS in Political Science.

In addition to being a prolific writer, Halasius is an actor with over two decades of experience, a poet/philosopher with published books, a musician/songwriter with six published albums (multi-instrumentalist), and a gifted video editor.

He has written screenplays for television and film in genres such as drama, historical, comedy, horror, family, sci-fi, fantasy, and thriller.

Halasius defines himself as:

Humanity: Artist
Species: Sapiens
Genre: Homo
Family: Hominid
Order: Primate
Class: Mammalia
Phylum: Chordata/Vertebrate
Kingdom: Animal

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We are sons and daughters of History.