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Annunaki Fallen Angels


200 Annunaki Fallen Angels came from heaven to earth and landed in the Garden of Eden in Mesopotamia 6,000 year's ago. It was in the days of Jared Enoch's father that Fallen Angels impregnated human women and female animals and created different kinds of species on earth.


This short video is based on the Annunaki Angels who visited earth around 448,000 years ago. They came and colonized a race of people that they created from the semen of the angels and the ovum of a rare female ape. In today's standards we call her Bonobo, Homoerectus or Lucy the forgotten apes.


6,000 years ago there were already humans living in Mesopotamia in Southern Iraq. These humans were the only people on earth who had contact with these Annunaki fallen angels at that time? But the question is, could it be possible that the Annunaki's lied to the people of Iraq and told them that Adamu was the first man on earth?

But how could that possibly be because there were already people on earth before the Annunaki's arrived to Iraq? The Annunakis tried to mix their blood with God's creation on earth so that mankind will be destroyed. The Annunaki's went straight to Eden where there was originally human life? The real true location of Eden is in Mesopotamia Southern Iraq which is now the CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION .

These 200 angels that invaded planet earth taught mankind the arts of metal to make swords, knives, shields and breast plates they taught mankind to make bracelets and ornaments and the use of Antony and the beading of the eyelids and all matter of costly stone and the coloring of tinctures.

They also taught mankind the art of enchantments and group cuttings and all manner of sexual seduction.

They taught the art of sexual lust, astrology, and the constellations.

They taught mankind the knowledge of the clouds and the signs of the earth and sun.

They also taught mankind the course of the moon.

The Annunaki's taught mankind mathematics, the calendars, hours, minutes, and seconds, the wheel, the sewer systems, mirrors, cosmetics, hair cuttings, arts and crafts, toys, and more than 500 wines and beers from the surface of the earth. The Annunaki's basically taught human beings our whole society that we live in today.

Sincerely yours,

Reynaldo Reyes

The Sumerians Stone Tablets, The Epic Of Gilgamesh Story,
The Book of Enoch, The Book of Jasher, The Book of Jubilees
& The King James Bible.

Noah and The Flood Story is Next...

  • Reynaldo Reyes
  • Reynaldo Reyes
  • Reynaldo Reyes
  • Reynaldo Reyes
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    Paranormal, Religion, Horror
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    58 minutes 5 seconds
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    August 31, 2019
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    3,000 USD
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    United States
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    United States
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Director Biography - Reynaldo Reyes

My name is Reynaldo Reyes I am a Writer, Artist, Actor, and Independent Filmmaker. My dreams and goals is to adapt one of my books "Rumors" into a motion picture for the big and small screen. I want to relate to other people on earth about all of my ghostly experiences.

I have been trying so hard on the internet to find paranormal groups but I was unsuccessful. Maybe if I adapt my book into a motion picture I will get more views worldwide then maybe I can relate my horrible and terrifying experiences to other people around the world. Thank God I was blessed with a film company that's turning my books and paintings into a motion picture. They work in NBC and CBS in Manhattan, NYC.

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Director Statement

The motive of this true story is that celestial beings from out of space visited earth in our distant past and started mating with human women and female animals on earth and created different kinds of species...