Absolute Access

2067 year. The planet lives its usual life: Robots transport people in public transport, sell food and cars, pump gas through pipes, fish, breed cattle, fly planes, collect the next generation of robots.

The headquarters of the "World" corporation occupies a 200 storey building on the Atlantic coast, fully managed and serviced by robots.
Bill, Mark, Carl, Jeff, Larry - members of the board of the corporation "World" at the annual meeting of the corporation adopted a strategy for the development of the world. Its main postulate: absolute robotization of all production and services within the planet for
Saving on people's resources and increasing profits. To implement the strategy, it was decided to create self-developing robots of the 7th level, indistinguishable from an ordinary person.
At first everything went according to the plan of the corporation "World". But a year later it turned out that no longer Bill, Mark, Carl, Jeff, Larry manage everything on this planet, and 10 robots of the 7th level. (Conflict of two intellects: artificial and natural)

© Copyright: Paul Daveni, 2017
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  • Paul Mosencov
  • Konstantin Mosencov
  • Paul Mosencov
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    Screenplay, Short Script, Treatment
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    Russian Federation
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    Iver, England SL0 0NH
    October 7, 2019
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    Country: United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Paul Mosencov

For 4 years he has been working in genres: feature film, documentary, animation in 3D, panoramic animation, documentary animation.
His films have already become Laureates of thirty international film festivals.

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Writer Statement

We wanted to say in this scenario that perhaps artificial intelligence will be better than human intelligence for humanity as a whole.
Our life is becoming more computer and often loses its meaning. The film is an attempt to show a future in which human intelligence gives way to artificial intelligence. Maybe this is an attempt to show civilization that the current trend of its development is a dead end - it does not lead anywhere.