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Enter Entropy

Logline: Lana Senate has a secret genetic advantage, giving her advanced sensory awareness, which complicates her relationships and her work as a forensics consultant.

  • Candice Michelle Goodwin
    PMAS, Code 8
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    Television Script, Treatment
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    Drama, Dramedy, Sci-Fi, Procedural, Character study, Romance, Action, Hard science
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  • WritersForWriters Female Fellowship Finalist 2018
Writer Biography - Candice Michelle Goodwin

Candice’s projects include a documentary on a Mars Analog Simulation Mission (PMAS), where she wrote and produced the video materials with an international team. Candice is also a producer on the Robbie & Stephen Amell led science fiction feature film, Code 8, which is in post-production, and is an associate producer on the science fiction web-series Deep Six, starring Tahmoh Penikett, also in post-production. She is also an assistant producer on the short film, 10 Grand, a heist drama, produced by Progression 7. Another project is the true-life travel documentary and historical docudrama entitled Dover to Cape Town by Any Means: A Journey of Hope.

Enter Entropy is a TV drama series concept created & written by Candice Michelle Goodwin. This fictional story draws upon Candice’s experiences in the science (STEM), emergency services, and law enforcement arenas, and showcases a strong female protagonist. The proposal package, bible and scripts & scriptments for a 13-episode first season are available upon request. Renowned storyboard artist, David Russell, has worked on concept illustrations for the series.

Candice is a scientific technical advisor and screenwriting consultant for the International Screenwriters’ Association (ISA), as well as The Science and Entertainment Exchange. She is also a contributing content writer for Voice of TV / Telfie Buzz and manages the Queensland Territory for Leica.

Candice is well-traveled and has experience being interviewed by reporters, managing guests at TV & film events, and working with other professionals around the globe using various communications tools.

Rebel with Cause (RWC) Productions is a registered business. Services include screenwriting, technical writing, concept and synopsis writing, as well as copy and content editing, PR & communications, outreach, and social media & blogging expertise.

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Writer Statement

I want to see stories produced featuring strong, intelligent female leads. I also want to be able to write those stories and show run a TV series without having to overcome multiple prejudiced hurdles: We unfortunately live in a society with gender equality issues and discrimination of minorities. Being able to create and produce a TV series with female, gay, minority and white male characters seamlessly interacting is my vision. This is not unrealistic in real life; therefore, we need to use TV to represent this and inspire others. Furthermore, I would like to see STEM shown on TV: Science, technology, engineering & mathematics. We should be showing intelligent characters and smart dialogue on screen. Again, seeing female characters pursuing STEM careers on screen will inspire young women to enter those fields of study and career paths. In the early 90s, the only strong female character on TV was The X-Files’ Dr Dana Scully, inspiring a generation of young women to become scientists, and garnering Gillian Anderson and the series critical acclaim. Decades later we are still struggling to find inspiring lead female characters. 90s TV was also an age of character studies and telling stories with good morals and values. Characters spoke with substance and were heroic. I would like to bring these elements back to today’s series. Also, storytelling isn’t always about drama. Life is scattered with comedy, and great drama series will have well-placed moments of comedy. This relatability will help an audience to connect and will influence viewers.
I have gravitated towards working on stories that are science fiction, where I get to explore authentic science and take it to the next level for dramatic purposes. I also prefer science fiction stories that are very much grounded in today’s world and mirrors the struggles we all face.