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From Scratch

A young homeless man follows the encouragement of social workers and tries to change his life. On the way to fulfill his dreams he has to face the reality.

  • Elzbieta B. Wysocka
    Dancing on the edge, Lunatic
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    Short Script
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  • Her Tube International Women Film Festival
    Lawrenceville, USA
    April 23, 2015
    Best Film
Writer Biography - Elzbieta B. Wysocka

Elzbieta B. Wysocka graduated as a Master of Journalism and worked in this field for almost 10 years.
During her studies she was focusing her research on storytelling and mixing new media with traditional narrative techniques. She wrote the most extensive hypertextual novel in Poland.
Looking for more she made up her mind about her passion, which she discovered to be films, and she found a work in a film production company in Poland working on scripted documentary series for commercial TV.
After a year she moved to The Netherlands, found a job in meat and then cookie factory, and after hours she wrote and directed her first short film.
Later she worked for a year at The Academy of Pop Culture coaching a Bachelor student making his theatre play. She also hosted a screenwriting workshop during Independent Film Festival in Maastricht.
Last year she released her second short film, which did quite well on film festivals all over the world. It won Her Tube Women International Film Festival in USA, was screened on another 2 festivals in USA, on one independent film festival in Poland and one for women in China. Together with her partner they also made it to the French female art magazine that appears only once every 2 years, with a 10 pages long interview.
She wrote and directed 3 short films, started making music videos and this year she established 2 companies – film and video production. She also wrote another short screenplay for a group of young filmmakers, and hopes to do much more in the future.

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Writer Statement

Short film "From scratch" is inspired by a true story of 2 young homeless men, coached by Karl Heortweard, Elzbieta's partner, during a singer/songwriting workshop for youth in a difficult situation. Both men created striking songs expressing their experience as homeless people strugglying with general opinion about them. One of them expressed a desire to enroll into a music academy, however he lacked background education. "From scratch" is a take on what could happen if he tried.