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The Living God: Medicine and The Ancient Meetei Civilization

Meetei Civilization flourishes in the ancient land of Kangleipak, which now belongs to the north-eastern region of India bordering Burma. It is a civilization still unknown to the world.
Its ancient script epitomizes the advanced nature of its civilization. The form, structure and phonology reveal the understanding of structure of human physiology. Its ancient writing, Puya, records their ancient knowledge on a widely varying subject like astrology, astronomy, genetics, medicine, human physiology, predictions, origin of life and the universe, and secrets of life and death. But most importantly, it writes about the mingling and relation between Lai (God) and Human.

Even today, the mingling between the two can be witnessed during Lai Haraoba (Festivity of God)

Withstanding the burning of Puya in 17th century, many mentions of this ancient writing still continue to exist in this land. The medicine of this ancient civilization is one such inheritance from the Lai (read ancestor God). The descendent still continues to treat various modern diseases with the healing power of this medicine.

  • Prakas Aheibam
  • Prakas Aheibam
  • Prakas Aheibam
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Short
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  • Runtime:
    30 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    April 4, 2015
  • Production Budget:
    1,000 USD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
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  • Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards , April, 2015.
    Los Angeles
    Best Foreign Documentary (Short), Best original music
  • International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration, and Equality 2015
    Jakarta , Indonesia
    International Awards of Merit , SPECIAL AWARD :Humanitarian Awards 2015 (category - International Awards for Merit), Finalists Most Favorite Film 2015
  • Los Angeles CineFest , 2015
    Los Angeles
    official selection
  • Ozark Shorts - Monthly Film Screening Series , 2016
    United States
    official selection
  • Ekurhuleni International Film Festival, 2016
    South Africa
    official selection
  • The CreActive International Open Film Festival (IOFF) 2016
  • Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne 2016
  • Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards, August , 2016
    Award : Foreign Documentary Short
  • 12 Months Film Festival ,2016
    official selection
  • The International Peace and Film Festival,2017
    Las Vegas
    United States
    Official selection
Director Biography - Prakas Aheibam

Born in Imphal, Manipur, India, Prakas Aheibam has been very fond of antiques, artifact and folktales since childhood. It made him fantasize about the world it belonged to. Like many of his age, he grew up hearing about the golden era of Meetei culture, in what was now a morally degrading society. Like many, he had a secret longing for the then unknown world of Meetei civilization.

In 2006, he witnessed a miraculous healing effect of the ancient Meetei medicine when his father was ailing. This intensified his curiosity to learn about ancient Meetei culture and society. But, what propelled his quest was his encounter with a friend, who introduced him to the illustrated microscopic human physiology that formed the structure and phonology of ancient Meetei script, which is revived today and is in use. Now, for almost a decade, Prakas Aheibam has been dedicated to researching different aspects of the ancient Meetei civilization.

Professionally, Prakas is a Founder and Designer of Colour & Space, a design studio in Imphal, Manipur. But for the last half decade, he has almost sacrificed his profession to dedicate his time and energy to the research of ancient Meetei civilization.

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Director Statement

Since the last few years i dedicated my time
into research on the ancient Meetei civilization and Medicinal
curing and healing system of the civilization and many break through discovery has been made . and miraculous medicines are discovered which heals and cure many
diseases of our human society .
Discovery of medicine for diseased conditions of heart - cancer Medicine - diabetes Medicine - vocal cord Medicine (a good news to singer ) being some of the important discovery.. And a clues to genetic disorder and prevention or cure .
Genetic disorder is a primary concern today as there are issues of genetic disorder diseases in our society. Genetics subject or genetic coding system of Lai or God exist and are written and communicated in Puya ,the ancient writting of Meetei civilization . This genetic coding system is still followed among the Meetei society today as a result of which genetic diseases is more or less non exist in the Meetei society ,an important aspect where research and interpretation from the world community is the need of the time.

The discovery and research has been made into the documentary -The Living God: Medicine and Ancient Meetei Civilization , produced with very limited resources or is a one man Project of the civilization to announce the finding and connects to concern researcher and organization in reaching to the people.

Our World civilization exhibit some mystery that human mind can not cross or a link which is the feature of world civilization , a broken link to an unknown because of non communication or lack of script but pictorial representation which try to communicate with their descendent .This is the code the human society of our the world is trying to decode " The code of origin of our world "

And the World civilization are centralized directly or indirectly with their rituals to their God of the civilization beside their structural form left that we all see today.

Ancient Meetei Civilization is a civilization still unknown to the world. When we study the ancient Meetei Civilization the mystery of the civilization unlike other known civilization of the world is the link that Puya , the ancient written communication with Lai or God of the civilization connects to that is an existence beyond our existence as human kind , another part of our world that exist which our human senses cant detect , .a medium or Lai or of God of the civilization . And the mystery of this ancient civilization is the communication or mingling with Lai or God of the civilization with the descendant that still continues even today.

Writing system is regarded as greatest technology of our world civilization without which all the idea, invention , knowledge and important facts got loss in time where oral tradition and pictorial communication fills the absence of written technology which eventually fail to keep detail record which is the case of all the known civilization of the world which itself is the true fact and cause of the mystery world civilization. This is true for ancient as well as our modern advancement today, without writing all the advance development and technology is of impossible.
example , Pyramid of Egypt which remain a mystery ,which would not have been the case of the mystery if all the facts,concept,reasons and ideas behind the structure and energy are communicated in written communication , Inspite of the pictorial or hieroglyphics written communication revealed in the pyramid ,it still remain as one of greatest mystery of world civilization .

Ancient Meetei ciivilization is known to illustrate the microscopic and cellular form of human physiology, The script of Meetei Civilization is interpretation of molecular and cellular form of human physiology. , the ancient script epitomizes the advanced nature of its civilization, the structure and phonology reveal the understanding of structure of human physiology . Its ancient writing Puya have informationon a widely varying subject like astrology, astronomy, genetics, medicine, human physiology, predictions, origin of life and the universe, and secrets of life and death. And is said to contain one and half million verses or subject matter . But most importantly , its writing about the mingling and relation between Lai (God) and Human society.

The Mystery of Meetei civilization is is not about mystery of unknown but about an existence beyond our existence as Human Kind that point to the origin and making of Human body and integration of our soul that is all written and communicated in Puya , where the script is not of human making or concept but of Lai or God of the civilization

A natural form of number system exist ( in ancient Meetei civilization ) , showing and representing the human foetus from 1st month of pregnancy to 10th month or the delivery time ie, equivalent to 1 to 10 , which also shows the origin of PHUN/PHOON OR ZERO equivalent and the process and development of foetus or child/human.
The origin of number system is explained , detailed and communicated in Puya , the ancient writing of the civilization .
According to Puya , number system is neither invented
nor evolve . They are the language of Lai or God -
an infinite - a timeless or limitless in our human world , but only communicated through human kind.
How can we make an invention or a system without knowing and sensing or seeing the start and the ending ,where the natural number system is so complete in its own sense.
when we say limitless or infinite ,we are only knowing that there is no limit to us ,that is nature ,the limitless to the human senses.

Answer to World Civilization lies in understanding the ancient Meetei civilization . A civilization waiting for its Time will be a news of the world. A thrilling news of the century and

" The Code of our Existence "

Prakas Aheibam ,
Producer / director
Reach @ email :