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Hell on Neptune

TITLE: "Hell on Neptune"

AUTHOR: A Robert J. Rogers Screenplay

LOGLINE: An Army brat discovers who he is, and a weapon anyone would kill to get. That weapom ... is a ray gun.

GENRE: Science Fiction - Fantasy - Action/Adventure - Romance

PAGES: 119

SYNOPSIS: When the teenage son of a retired Army Ranger turns a blue-laser telescope into a ray gun, all hell breaks loose forcing the family to flee. The FBI want it and will use rendition to get it. An Army General wants it but must contend with the boy's father who he knows all too well. The local Police Chief wants it to settle an old score. And SETI wants it because they think the teenager found alien life, which he did. But what everyone doesn't realize , this family is armed with a moral compass that's far more powerful than any gun. And Dad shows his sons how to use it from one end of the country to the other.

THEME; "Hell on Neptune" is a story about a family that lives by three simple words; Truth, Virtue, Honor. It molds and guides them each and every day. It is their answer against graft, anger, and if necessary, violence. And when everyone finds out about the gun, necessary tracks them like rabid dogs.



1. Hell on Neptune - 85 Awards Worldwide.
2. Dakota Caves - 2 Miles - (Short version) 67 Awards Worldwide.
3.The Salt Box - 57 Awards Worldwide.
4. Dakota Caves - 2 Miles (Feature version) 21 Awards World wide.
5. Strappado - Limited Release - 6 Awards Worldwide.
6. Patient Friendly - Limited release.
7. Rogue's Coward - Released July, 2018 - 39 Awards Worldwide.
8. Apollyon's Gold - Released July, 2019.

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Writer Biography - Robert J. Rogers

Biography - Mr. Robert J. Rogers

Robert J. Rogers was born on November 21st, 1953 in Toledo, Ohio. With his two older brothers, he grew up in a small farm town in northwestern Ohio. In 1963, Bob and his family; his mother was a fourth grade teacher, his father was an accountant, moved to Sandusky, Ohio. While at Sandusky High School, Bob sang in the choir, and played in the marching, dance, and concert band. He also threw discus on the track team.

Each summer he played Dixieland trombone at the Cedar Point Amusement Park in the world-famous Hobo Band. The bands fame culminated by appearing as one of the dance teams on the Miss Teenage America Pageant in Fort Worth, Texas. But when Bob was a senior, his life completely changed. He had an extraordinary English teacher who taught him how to write. And write he did.

After Bob's freshman year at Ohio State University, he traveled to Europe -- ten countries in twenty-eight days -- with a national orchestra and choir out of Pittsburgh. One of the more memorable venues was singing in an eight hundred year old church north of Amsterdam. The music just exploded off the earthen walls. And for the finale, the choir surrounded the audience and sang a cappella -- "I'd Like to teach the world to sing" -- bringing everyone to tears. What a moment! What a memory!

While at Ohio State, Bob was an active member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. He also tried out for, and made, the prestigious Ohio State University Marching Band. And during those four years, he marched in three Rose Bowl Parades in Pasadena. Bob also threw discus on the track team competing at many NCAA meets including the Penn Relays in Philadelphia. And on the side, Bob wrote term papers for other students. Fifty bucks. A thousand words. Any subject except the sciences. And he could do it in under an hour. It paid for a lot of beer, and a lot of dates. One of his papers won an award, and another helped a student graduate.

After college Bob took a catering job with a hotel company outside of Chicago. Several years later as Vice President of Marketing, he wrote and taught from a manual on hotel sales and marketing. His meteoric rise was well deserved. But there was a price to pay for climbing the ladder so quickly. And that price, was his life!

In November 1990, Bob received a double kidney/ pancreas transplant at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. That surgery saved his life. Another life-saving moment came when they rolled him out of intensive care onto the transplant floor. A nurse walked into his room, and into his life, and Bob and Virginia have been together ever since. In May 1999, they were married on the shores of Lake Keowee.

As if destiny knew what was needed, Bob discovered the Duke surgeons had made a catastrophic mistake that killed his transplanted kidney. And had it not been for Virginia's skills to counter the mistakes, Bob would have died.

While enduring over fifteen years of corrective surgery, blood transfusions, hemodialysis, and a second kidney transplant at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Bob bought a book at Barnes & Noble on screenwriting. When his research was complete, he finished his first play titled, 'Patient Friendly'. Turns out Bob's suffering occurred for all the wrong reasons.

Since then he's written five more plays! "The Salt Box" - an unlikely romance between a Union soldier and a southern belle; "Hell on Neptune"- a teen builds a ray gun forcing the family to flee; "Dakota Caves - 2 Miles" - a short horror screenplay involving a horrible alien invader with three things on their mind, and they're all deadly. The feature version of "Dakota Caves - 2 Miles". It's framed similar to "War of the Worlds", but without the divorce crap! And finally "Strappado". Millennial's awaken souls that were accused, tortured, and hung for witchcraft centuries ago. What happens next makes blood running down the gutter seem docile.

Currently Bob and Virginia reside in Simpsonville, South Carolina with their four-legged son, Duncan. And yes, he watches and barks at the TV!

(And the moral of the story is, no matter what you've endured in the past, you're one keystroke away from changing your future.)


1. Finalist - Science Fiction Feature Screenplay - 2014 Chicago Screenplay Contest - Chicago, Illinois

2. Bronze Prize Winner - Science Fiction Feature Screenplay Competition - 2014 World Series of Screenwriting - Los Angeles, California.

3. Finalist - Science Fiction Feature Screenplay Competition - 2014 Las Vegas Screenplay Contest - Las Vegas, Nevada

4. Semi-Finalist - 2015 FilmMakers International ScreenWriting Awards - Hollywood, California

5. Finalist - Best First-Time Feature Screenwriter - 2014 London Film Awards - London, England

6. Silver Awards - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2014 California Film Awards - San Diego, California

7. Official Selection for Best Script - 2014/15 Mongolia International Film Festival

8. Honorable Mention - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Mountain Film Festival - Mammoth, Colorado

9. Best Screenplay Nominee (Sci-Fi/Fantasy) - 2015 Northern Virginia International Film Festival - Alexandria, Virginia

10. Honorable Mention - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Honolulu Film Awards - Honolulu, Hawai'i

11. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Firereel Film Festival - Redding, California

12. WINNER - Best North Coast Screenplay - 2015 Ohio Independent Screenplay Awards - Cleveland, Ohio

13. Silver Award Winner - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 International Independent Film Awards - Encino, California

14. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Alaska International Film Awards

15. Second Place - Feature Sci-Fi Screenplay Competition - 2015 Indie Gathering International Film Festival

16. WINNER - Best Feature Script - GOLD MEDAL: 'Hell on Neptune' - 2015 Global Independent Film Awards Competition

17. Honorable Mention - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Colorado International Film Awards - Wheat Ridge, Colorado

18. Semi-Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Austin Revolution Film Festival - Austin, Texas

19. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Cinerockom International Film Festival - Malibu, California

20. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Catalina Film Festival - Catalina Island, California

21. Semi-Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Charleston International Film Festival - Charleston, South Carolina

22. Finalist - Feature Screenplay - 2015 Shriekfest Film Festival & Screenplay Competition - Hollywood, California

23. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 South Carolina Underground Film Festival - Charleston, South Carolina

24. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Terror Film Festival - Malvern, Pennsylvania

25. WINNER - Best Screenplay - Sci-Fi Feature Film - Orlando Urban Film Festival - Orlando, Florida

26. 2nd Place - Feature Script Competition - 2015 Yosemite International Film Festival

27. WINNER - Best Horror/ Sci-Fi Screenplay Competition - 2015 European International Film Festival - Moscow, Russia

28. Finalist Nominee - Best Feature Script - October - 2015 Independent Horror Movie Awards

29. WINNER - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Oregon International Film Awards

30. Finalist Nominee - Best Story Award - 2015 BLOW-UP - Chicago International Arthouse Film Fest - Chicago, Illinois

31. Finalist - Science Fiction Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Los Angeles Screenplay Contest - Los Angeles, California

32. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - EYECATCHER International Film Festival - McAlester, Oklahoma

33. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 ZED FEST Film Festival - Burbank, California

34. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Fantastic Planet Film Festival - Sydney, Australia

35. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Back in the Box Competition - Toluca Lake, California

36. Semi-Finalist - Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 REEL Author's Screenplay Contest

37. WINNER - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2015 Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival - Hollywood, California

38. WINNER - Best Feature Script - December 2015 TOP Indie Film Awards

39. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 Pasadena International Film Festival - Pasadena, California

40. Semi-Finalist - Screenplay Competition - 2016 Short Stop International Film Festival, Glasgow, Scotland.

41. Finalist - Science Fiction Feature Screenplay - 2015 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest - Beverly Hills, California

42. WINNER - Best Feature Script - 2016 Global Independent Film Awards

43. WINNER - Best Feature Screenplay - 2016 Genre Celebration Film Festival - Los Angeles, California

44. GOLD AWARD WINNER - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 LA Neo Noir, Novel, Film, and Script Festival - Los Angeles, California

45. Semi-Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 Roswell Movie Studios Script Contest - Roswell, New Mexico

46. WINNER - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 Mexico International Film Festival - Mexico

47. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 Jefferson State FLIXX FEST - Afterglow Studios - Ft. Jones, California

48. Semi-Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 Sunset Blvd. International Film Awards - Hollywood, California

49. Finalist - MERIT AWARD - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 Chautauqua International Film Festival - Jamestown, New York.

50. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 FilmMatic Screenplay Awards Competition - Los Angeles, California.

51. WINNER - Best Screenplay Competition - July 2016 Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival. Hollywood, California

52. Finalist - Best Screenplay Competition - 2016 Las Vegas International Screenwriting Competition, Las Vegas, Nevada.

53. Finalist - Best Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 Northeast Film Festival - Teaneck, New Jersey.

54. Finalist Nominee - Best Feature or Short Screenplay - 2016 World Music & Independent Film Festival - Jeffersonton, Virginia.

55. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival - Twin Falls, Idaho.

56. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 Imaginarium Film Festival, Louisville, Kentucky.

57. Semi-Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 SoCal Screenplay Competition, Huntington Beach, California.

58. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 Atlantic City Cinefest Film Festival - Margate, New Jersey.

59. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 Terror Film Festival - Malvern, Pennsylvania.

60. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 Northern Lights Productions Screenplay Competition - Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

61. WINNER - Best Horror/SciFi Screenplay - 2016 Orlando Film Festival, Orlando, Florida.

62. Finalist- Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 Headline International Film Festival.

63. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2017 Miami Beach Film Festival - Miami, Florida.

64. WINNER - GOLD AWARD - Feature Screenplay Competition - Mindfield Film Festival - Los Angeles, California.

65. WINNER - Best Script - 2016 North American Film Awards, Canada.

66. WINNER - Best Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay - November - 2016 Canadian Diversity Film Festival

67. WINNER - GOLD AWARD - Best Feature Film Script - 2016 The European Indeoendent Film Festival, France.

68. WINNER - Best Science Fiction Screenplay - 2016 Next Page Screenplay Contest .

69. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2016 Monmouth Film Festival - Redbank, New Jersey.

70. Finalist - 3rd. place - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2017 Boomtown Film and Music Festival - Beaumont, Texas.

71. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - Sochi International Film Festival - Sochi, Russia.

72. WINNER - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2017 Steam House Entertainment Independent Film Awards - Modesto, California.

73. WINNER - Best Feature Screenplay - 2017 Moscow City International Film Festival - Moscow, Russia.

74. Finalist - Best Screenplay - 2017 CPH Film Festival - Copenhagen, Denmark.

75. Finalist - Best Screenwriter - 2017 CPH Film Festival - Copenhagen, Denmark.

76. Finalist - Military Screenplay Competition - 2017 Military Script Showcase.

77. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - Transylvania Cinema Awards.

78. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2017 WINDY CITY International Film Festival, Chicago, Illinois.

79. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2017 Best of the Best Festival - Santa Monica, California.

80. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - Best of the Best - Toluka Lake, California.

81. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2017 Transylvania Cinema Awards - Targu Mures, Romania.

82. Semi-Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2017 Frame by Sound Film festival, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

83. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2017 Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival - Amherst, New York.

84. Finalist - Feature Screenplay Competition - 2017 Reno Tahoe International Film Festival - Reno, Nevada.

85. Finalist- Feature Screenplay Competition- Tied-Silver Award Winner - 2018 Miami Beach Film Festival, Miami Beach, Florida.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I personally want to thank you as I too, along with our judges, have very much enjoyed your writing and imagination these past two years between "The Salt Box" and "Hell on Neptune". I do hope you will continue to consider our festival for your next script. Great work!

Megan Peterson
Executive Director
2017 Jefferson State FLIXX FST

First of all, thanks for submitting some great scripts the last two years.. You have done some outstanding work!! Second - where are you with 'Hell on Neptune'? Our production company is going to AFM in November and we have a few folks that we will be meeting with who may be considering a Sci-Fi slate for 2018/2019! We have nothing for them as a production company, but if you'd like we can provide them with your project. Our only expectation would be to get a thank you from you at the premiere. You have talent!! Would love to see you succeed.

Warren R. Hull
Ann War Productions

'Hell on Neptune's' subject matter was very profound, well researched, and thought-provoking -- especially as a morality tale.

Megan Peterson
Jefferson State FLIXX Fest.


Here at Northern Lights Productions, we feel you've done the work. We will strive to get your work in front of the right producers. Thank you for entering "Hell on Neptune". It was a Hell-of-a-script!

Tom Rico
Festival Director
Northern Lights Screenplay Competition


Thank You Robert J. Rogers for your great work. "Hell on Neptune", which was heavenly to experience!

L.A Neo Noir Novel, Film, & Script Festival

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

'Hell on Neptune' displays technical prowess. Plot points flow together from beginning to end, resolving with narrative diligence and a skillful hand. And character objectives are clear.

Mr. Mark Botts
Senior Editor - Screenwriting
Endless Mountain Film Festival

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When I was coaching high school track, I asked twenty eight students: "Would you go to a movie about a teenager that invented a ray gun?" All twenty eight students smiled and raised their hand.

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