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2 cups

WRITER- Ashish jagarwal
TITLE - 2 cups (short film)
It's a message from 2 lovers who never been together because they never revealed their emotions for each other then time faded away and girl suddenly disappeared, it's memorable afterwards for both , boy started missing that place and girl, he reserved that place permanently , where they both use to come everyday and now that boy comes to that place everyday alone.
GENRE- fictional, drama, emotional love story

It's a love story of Anush and shanvi, both of them daily use to go and meet in cafe in evening time. They both meets everyday months and months suddenly shanvi stops meeting Anush.
She suddenly one day stopped coming to that cafe and disappeared from Anush's life with one last call by saying 'Anush I'll call u ' but she never contacted and met Anush again from that day.
Anush daily use to come to that cafe in a memory of shanvi since from past 5 years in a hope that she will come back again someday.
He drinks a tea spending an hour in that cafe daily at that same time, in these 5 years Anush got to know that shanvi is not in India anymore she lives abroad, this thing Anush got to know from a guard of shanvi's building .
One day Akul takes a entry in cafe to meet Anush (Akul is Anush's childhood friend who lives in London), it's a coincidence for Anush that how he reached in same cafe where he use to sit from 5 years, then there is a conversation of Anush and Akul and he gets to know from Akul that he met shanvi in London telling about you that Anush will be there in that same cafe and she sent u a message that she got married with a NRI guy , coincidentally that guy is my office boss so am here to tell you that forget her and get married with new girl and live a new life.
Anush got so emotional listening about all this and then Anush told a manager same time to reserve this table permanently, nobody will sit in this table keep the reserve board here and manager Rachit agreed with him as he is a good friend of Anush.
Next day Anush called Akul and invited in his home for drinks as he is drinking in a memory of shanvi and then he took on all those places where he and shanvi had spent their time, Akul got so emotional by seing this.
Akul told Anush that I'll leave my daughter at your home for 3 days as urgently I have to go to London for work, Anush agreed but he asked why you not taking her, Akul don't have a answer for this and go away from their.
Same day evening Akul left her daughter with a diary in her bag at Anush's home and leave for London.
When Anush was taking rest, Akul's daughter comes with a diary in her hand and says that daddy gave this diary for you to read.
Anush opens that diary and it feels something so different to him and recalling , a flashback of London in which Akul and shanvi sitting together on their bedroom, going through a very tough time as shanvi was counting her few days because she was suffering from cancer.
Shanvi said everything to Akul in last time whatever she wanted to say from these 5 years, she said please meet my friend Anush, I came here without informing him, as I was runing from him because I started falling in love with him, Anush was already in love so I ran away from his life and got married to you in this fast life, then coincidentally he was your childhood friend that I got to know afterwards and after a birth of our daughter Aarvi I got blood cancer. Please meet and tell Anush that I had married a NRI person so that he can forgets me easily .
Last wording of shanvi in her diary was .....i don't know when I started loving you Anush that's why I ran away from your life please never cry for me I ditched you and now I'll never be able to meet you again as I am writing this last time, I'll b no more in this world I'll always love you . After reading this diary Anush got in tears
Whole story was narrated by the manger of this cafe to a writer who usually comes in this cafe to write his stuff but when he saw that reserved board that also in cafe then he poked manger that why a reserved board in cafe..... And he narrated whole story to him which I already told you
Soon after few months a writer wrote a novel on both of them and kept that book on a same table and he leaves .

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  • Project Type:
    Short, Student
  • Genres:
    fiction, drama
  • Runtime:
    30 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    August 18, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    1,408 USD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
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    Country: India
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Director Biography - ANOOP SINGH

I was born on 28th september 1990 in gurgaon haryana, i did my schooling from gurgaon and then i graduated from kurukshetra university , i did my engineering from there ,then i did job for 2 years and i left it because i got to know that it's not my cup of tea as i know i have to do some creative work.
As from starting it was like i have to become an actor and director, then i joined barry john acting school and did a diploma from their, as if i talk about my personal life i have a contoversial talks with my family and father regarding my dream life and finally i convinced them with my potential of what am capable of doing.........then what else its like doors opened for mumbai and i came to mumbai , i did small cameo roles in serials and short films and finally we as a team ashish jagarwal and me decided an unplanned movie with a lovely script which is based on his true life with few incidents, then he wrote it and we made it ......
i know we got so many problems during the making of this short film , u can say many ups and downs with financial problems , mental pressure , personal life changes and learnt a lot for our next short film

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