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Many have heard of the Doomsday Clock yet know nothing about it. None are aware of the covert force that prevents the Clock from striking midnight. The Clockwatchers protect life on earth from nuclear holocaust, cyber terrorism, pandemics, and alien invasion.

This is the story of Frank Ponder an orphan and brilliant analyst who has suffered debilitating panic attacks since childhood. Frank’s reason for living is to learn the facts that will save the Earth, increase his self-awareness to resolve the mysteries of his youth and end his painful panic attacks. He is a self-effacing and witty nerd. He’s dedicated to learning the facts and knowing the right thing do, though he can’t do it.

With daunting difficulty, he accepts the order from his mentor and Commander Amanda Garps to transfer to field op’s after the prior agent is killed.

Trucker Wiley Hope is abducted by aliens. He is returned to Earth and downs his flask to clear his head. He gets arrested for DUI and assaulting the cop.

Frank and his eager trainee Rex Torrito must outwit and substitute the recent memories of the cops. He uses his “Subliminal Substituter”, a cell phone device that replaces recent memories with past traumas and produces unexpected, life-changing experiences. The episodes are laughably bizarre.

Wiley’s severe abdominal pain convince Frank to rush him to the hospital. They don’t know that Wiley stole and swallowed the abductors’ computer backup, 9 ten-carat carbon crystals… diamonds. A doctor x-rays him, finds the gems and a nurse removes them with a high colonic. Frank outsmarts both and substitutes their memories of the encounter. Frank and Rex laugh and gasp in amazement.

Frank deciphers the backup and understands that everything we know about history is totally wrong. They learn that we are facing impending doom at the hands of two warring alien empires.

The Liftheads are humanoids who created artificial intelligence beings - the Syccom - over which they lost control eons ago. Both seek to destroy the other for existential reasons. Frank must learn the weaknesses of both and stop them from pillaging the Earth.

He deciphers this: The Liftheads are about to reap the life they planted on Earth – all humans and animals; the Syccom need to enslave millions of us to dig in mines for the rare earth minerals they require.

As the Liftheads are harvesting all humans and animals on Earth in the most absurd and irreverent way imaginable, the Clockwatchers fly up to the Liftheads’ mammoth space ship to stop them, destroy the ship and escape alive.

Commander Amanda leads her team of bumbling misfits to reverse the harvesting. Frank’s mission is to storm the bridge and kill Michael Arcan who is the Chief Executive Officer of the ship. Frank is blasted and nearly killed. He runs away when he panics in mortal fear.

As he escapes the flaming bridge, he accidentally “Substitutes” his buried subconscious memories. He recalls the tragic accident he caused as a child. At midnight on Christmas Eve, the four-year-old Frankie steps on a tree lightbulb and starts a fire. His father rescues him and carries him to the street. Father runs back into the flaming home to save his wife and daughter. The house explodes, and Frankie’s family is killed.

Frank breaks down and cries. His epiphany transforms him and frees him from his fear of pain and death. He rises as the heir of his father’s heroism. Frank runs back through flames to kill Michael Arcan but is nearly strangled by him. With Frank’s dying breath he cleverly kills the CEO. He rises and reverses the damage done. The Clockwatchers narrowly escape the exploding Lifthead spaceship and must fight and repel the Syccom to return safely to Earth.

Wiley rewards the Clockwatchers with one diamond each and he marries the nurse. Frank is transformed from an introvert burying himself under analytical tasks into a wise and lethal field operative; a warrior/holy man. Rex and Amanda are changed for the better. Frank and the Clockwatchers must prepare to defeat the Syccom in the sequel.

  • David Sternfeld
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    United States
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  • Motor City Nightmares International Film Festival
    Milford, Michigan
    April 29, 2018
  • Hollywood International Screenwriting Competition
    Hollywoood, CA
    March 31, 2018
    Los Angeles
    December 1, 2018
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Many years as a headhunter in Century City perfecting a unique form of fiction: the resume. I now write for fun, pleasure and filthy lucre.

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