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Arthur VS Aliens

In medieval Britain, while King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table protect Camelot from hostile neighbors, bandits, and even their own personal issues with each other, a new threat suddenly looms. A hostile alien invasion force arrives with the intent of exterminating humanity, and terra-forming the planet for their own use.
When the alien force arrives outside of the village of Camarthen, even the great wizard Merlin with all of his magic is no match for the aliens. Merlin must enlist the aid of King Arthur and his knights to help, but not before making them believe that the aliens even exist and are a threat.
There is no stopping them once the aliens commence their attack. As they destroy villages and kill the populace, all that our heroes can do is run as they barely survive catastrophe after catastrophe.
Even Camelot with its great walls and warriors, is pathetically no match for the alien attack. Merlin, Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table must embark on a mission to unleash a magic so powerful, that it might even the tables with the aliens.
All the while, character personal issues, old enemies, and of course the aliens, constantly threaten the missions success.

  • Danny Klapadoras
  • Anthony N. Galizia Sr.
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Treatment
  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama, Action, Adventure, Magical Realism, Romance, Science Fiction
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • Student Project:
Writer Biography - Danny Klapadoras, Anthony N. Galizia Sr.

Anthony N. Galizia Sr. is Vice President, Partner, and Producer at Meta4 Creative Media, LLC, overseeing all aspects of production including budget, creation, development, writing, editing, talent acquisition, directing, producing, marketing and client relations.
Danny Klapadoras is President and Partner at Meta4 Creative Media working hand in hand with creating, writing, building and producing projects, and is an integral part of the development team. The team at Meta4 Creative Media create multi-platform content in all genres of both fiction and non-fiction Feature Film and Television, as well as Reality Television and Commercial Advertisement.
Before co-creating and partnering in Meta4 Creative Media, Mr. Klapadoras co-created and became President of Area 14 Productions, LLC in 2012 with partners Anthony Galizia, and Al Burrows. Prior to that, Mr. Klapadoras was one of the senior writers, creators and Lead Actors of a Jerico Pictures production of “The Handymen”, a proposed television sitcom pilot.
Mr. Klapadoras is also Partner, Producer, Senior writer, Co-creator and lead actor at Shadowglade, LLC., co-creating “Shadowglade”, a feature film and proposed television series, recognized and chosen as an entry into the 2015 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.
Mr. Klapadoras co-created and became President of Meta4 Creative Media, LLC. in 2016 with partner Anthony N. Galizia Sr., dedicating themselves to creating superior original content at a much less cost. In 2017, Meta4 Creative Media celebrated their first TELLY award win with a Bronze Telly for their production of a Public Safety PSA for the Broward County Sheriffs Office in Broward County Florida.
Meta4 Creative Media is currently creating and developing a wide variety Screenplays, TV Series and Reality TV concepts, promising to be a whole new era of production company, and
the future of high quality, superior media.

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There's a lot of independent production company competition down here is South Florida, believe me there is no shortage of fantastic talent, but thats all the more reason for us to work even harder.