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Prophet & Messenger
Private - Application to Ministry of Defence
Civil Service Jobs <>

mar. 17/02/2015, 02:27
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Dear Khaled,

RE:Commissioning and Managing Organisation – CMO Benefits & CMO Accountant & Operations Accountants - Stage 4

Thank you for submitting your application.

Please click here to view the status of your application.

Kind regards

Ministry of Defence
Recruitment Team

Khaled Menchaoui <>

to info
Shalom !
Thanks for your meaningful E-mail having really touched my heart ..
I stand for the cause of Israel State and the geougous flag of it & its colour like clour of sky of God..
You will face some challenges because before Palestinian will be given a State as U.N. Decret of have to preserving safety warrent for Israeli people & Jewsh in globe.
I had already advised you to making before & after normalization with Arabic world ..also to preserving your peace treaty ,deal & cooperation with modest ones like Egypt ,Jordany should also be trustful with your fidel ones as U.S. & Italy . but you have many challenges to cooperating with Arabic Maghreb .
In a world i trust your diplomacy with the world .
I didn't understand Mister Netanyahoo in past but i am inspired by him and his fighting for the cause of Israel ..
I also trust some Young ones in future like Tzipni Livni & Others.
My advice is to entering this century for business,prosperity and peace ..i am glad also of Mussad reforms which having done & your fight against terrorism & crimes.
Happy new year 2016 & Good Luck .

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Straight Single Man never Married, Open-minded & Conservative at the Same Time
Dear Khaled,

Thank you - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I'm sorry to not have been much help with introductions with the embassy staff in Tunisia - but it seems that Ambassador Rubenstein is a good fit for the position.
You can also contact the office in Washington DC, who might have more resources to help.
All the best,
-Jake Grader
Campaign Manager
Seth Moulton for Congress

On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 6:13 PM, ITMD ASKREGS (CENSUS/FTD) <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Menchaoui:

Thank you for your e-mail of March 9, 2016, providing comments on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking published on March 9, 2016. The Final Rule was published on April 19, 2017 with an effective date of July 18, 2017, which gives the trade community 90 days to implement the new requirements. The Final Rule is available in its entirety at:

We appreciate your efforts in providing this valuable input. Our response to your comment can be found below.

Comment: Risk-Management still existing but the best wave is to resort to aviating as NASA for commercial aviation it is all-right & valuable try your best & Good-luck !

Census Bureau Response: The Census Bureau thanks you for your comment. The Census Bureau prides itself in serving as the lead source of quality data about the nation’s people and economy.

If you have any further questions, please contact Ms. Kiesha Downs, Chief, Trade Regulations Branch, International Trade Management Division, on 301-763-7079.


Dale C. Kelly
Chief, International Trade Management Division
U.S. Census Bureau