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The Accomplice

Ethan Engel, 16, leaves his addicted mother's dingy Indianapolis house one night and gets caught shoplifting a frozen dinner to feed his little brother. Upon release from reform school, Ethan and his brother live with a caring
aunt in the suburbs. He stars in football, excels in school and falls in love. Life is wonderful until his brutish father forces them to move with him to tiny Huxley,
Indiana. Barred from the football team, longing for his girl in Indianapolis, and chafing under his disparaging father, the senior class newcomer strives to make new friends.

One is Josh Walters, star athlete, "A" student, Sunday school teacher - and also a closet gay homophobe from an evangelical family. Josh talks Ethan into joining him to case the rural house of a reputed gun collector, drug
dealer and predatory homosexual. Ethan looks on in sickened astonishment as Josh shoots the man then chops his head
open with a hatchet.

Ethan is convicted as an accomplice. In prison he surmounts the loss of his girlfriend, abandonment by his parents, and a brutal corrections system while his aunt wages a courageous fight to free and redeem him.

  • Joe Russo
    Previously optioned by an Emmy & Peabody award winning producer.
  • Joe Russo
    The Accomplice
    semi finalist in the Wayward Film Festival 2018
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    United States
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  • Wayward Film Festival
    Los Angeles, Calif.
    February 13, 2018
    Semi Finalist
Writer Biography - Joe Russo

• Won best unproduced feature screenplay in the 2017 Tea Dance International Film Festival for my original screenplay “ My Father’s Worst Nightmare.”
• Wrote the screenplay “The Accomplice” based on a true story. Was previously optioned by an Emmy and Peabody award winning producer.
• Wrote a TV sitcom that was represented by Christopher Nassif and Associates. Considered by Warner Brother’s but not produced.
• Filmed and edited a 60 minute commercial film about the women’s sportswear industry.
• Graduate of the College of Journalism at the University of South Carolina.

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