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CENSORED episode 1 - Die Glocke

CHAPTER 1 “Die Glocke”: We discover Hermann’s experients at area 51 and experience the otherworldly catastrophe that his and Paul’s research brings about. Hermann is killed, while Ruben escapes the alien beings and swat troops in the fog of battle, taking Paul with him. Eddy, one of the special forces assassins, escapes as well. He stumbles upon their broken truck after his entire squad is killed, catatonic from the horrors he has witnessed. The men take him with them and eventually split up.
We begin following Paul’s story and discover his love for Hermann’s widow, Ingrid, when he rushes to her house to inform her of her husbands’ death. Military police come for Hermann’s papers and Paul is subsequently caught and dragged back to Ft. Nellis along with Jan’s top secret work. Paul is put in chains to await his fate. A strange looking giant of a man named Liam ominously visits and offers him a job. Paul accepts to save his neck and is subsequently released, no questions asked.
He attends Jan’s funeral and tries to console Ingrid, only to see Eddy lurking between the tombstones. On the run ever since his unit was wiped out, Eddy is looking to start over, somewhere far away. He tells Paul he “owes” him, and gives him a card “if he ever needs a favor” before driving off.
Later in the week, Paul starts his new job. Waiting for his ride in the middle of nowhere, a chopper shows up and he gets blindfolded, then airlifted to an unknown location. Landing a few hours later, Paul discovers the true nature of his work as Spencer gives him a tour of an underground, nuclear powered facility called “Dreamland”. Spencer tells him he’ll be moved to the west coast for logistical reasons and given a new life. Paul becomes terrified of how things are changing and, as soon as he returns to civilization, Paul asks Ingrid if she’d come with him to California, along with her 8 year old son Steven.

  • Daniel Bernardini
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    Screenplay, Television Script
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    United States
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Writer - Daniel Bernardini