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Colorblind (The Legacy of Alvin Bell)

During tensions of the Detroit race riots, a group of white grade school children put their lives on the line to defend their beloved black teacher against racism, then willingly do it again when they reunite some 40 years later. (A true story based on the PBS Documentary, Colorblind by Pamela Peak).

  • Pamela Peak
    Voices of a Never Ending Dawn - PBS Documentary
  • Pamela Peak
    Colorblind (the PBS Documentary)
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  • Michigan Emmy Nomination
  • California Independent Film Festival
    Northern California
    Best Documentary
  • Garden State Film Festival
    Asbury Park NJ
    Best Documentary Award
  • The Gloria Film Festival
    Salt Lake City UT
    Best Documentary Award
  • George Lindsay UNA Film Festival
    Muscle Shoals Alabama
    Runner up, Best Documentary
  • The Michigan History Award
    Frankenmuth, Michigan
    Outstanding Documentary
Writer Biography - Pamela Peak

Pamela Peak is a highly skilled screenwriter and Emmy-nominated filmmaker with works that air on PBS. Pamela specializes in female leads and films for both black and white audiences.

• Drama/Historical - stories that profoundly touch the human heart.

Pamela also enjoys working with other people's ideas, finding their essence and turning them into screenplays with the strong use of interest techniques that build excitement. She is also interested in challenging writing assignments and is adept at elevating other's screenplays as well.

Pamela's screenplay Colorblind is based on a powerful, heartfelt true story from Pamela's childhood during the Civil Rights Era - yet a story that addresses pertinent issues America still struggles with today.

Airing on PBS nationally, Pamela also wrote, produced and directed her award-winning documentary film Colorblind. It was seen by an estimated 56 million PBS viewers. Colorblind was also featured on ABC News, Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts and garnered 5 Best Film Festival awards. See:

Pamela’s Emmy-nominated documentary “Voices of a Never-Ending Dawn", that also aired on PBS, was shot in Northern Michigan blizzards. The film tells the dramatic story of a forgotten group of US soldiers, abandoned in Northern Russia, who fought the Bolsheviks (the very first Communists) in sixty degree below zero weather, long after WWI had ended.

To contact Pamela Peak, please e-mail her at:

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First appearing on Good Morning America, with Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts, on the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, this story touched American's hearts and minds - no matter the color of their skin.

It's the 60s. A charismatic black elementary teacher walks in the door of an all-white school on Detroit's Northwest side. His gentle way of teaching, inspired by Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, captivates his student's hearts.

The kids put their lives on the line to defend their teacher against racist teens paid to harass him.

As riots erupt, the kids' families abandon the city, leaving their beloved teacher behind.

A reunion springs up some thirty-five years later to honor the man they longed to thank. With national news cameras rolling, the students are called upon to take one more stand - this time to save the life of their teacher.

I hope you enjoy Colorblind (The Legacy of Alvin Bell). It is based on a true story from my childhood, and my award-winning documentary that aired nationally on PBS.

All my best,

Pamela Peak
(949) 439-8735