​​In 1999, a vision of using film studies as a catalyst for teaching creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, gave birth to the ZOOM Film Festival in a Mulgrave School classroom. Recognised today as one of the province’s most popular student film competitions, what started as a North Shore festival with ten entries, consistently garners over 75 entries a year from secondary school students across all of BC.

To date, the festival has awarded over $500,000 in cash prizes and scholarships thanks to the support of sponsors like Vancouver Film School, Young Moviemakers, SchoolCreative, New Image College, Lorne Lapham among others. This year, there is over $140,000 worth of prizes and scholarships being handed out at the awards night!

All entries must range from 30-seconds (minimum) to 7-minutes (maximum) in length. Productions and all parts of the film must be completed within the given 48-hour time frame and incorporate the PROP and THEME announced on the website at the start of the competition. The content and treatment of the films made must be appropriate for an audience of grades 7-12. Graphic content is not acceptable and the use of strong language should be avoided. All films must be conceived and produced over the designated 48-Hour festival time. All films must be produced, directed, planned and technically executed entirely by students. The involvement of parents, teachers and professionals is limited to non-creative roles (i.e. technical advice, funding, etc.) with an exception of actors so long as they are not performing in lead roles.

By entering this festival you are granting Mulgrave ZOOM Film Festival non-exclusive rights to retain an archive copy of your production for the purposes of exhibition, promotion, and education. All entries may be used on a compilation video made available to students and media arts educators to be used for educational purposes.

Export = H.264 codec, 720p preferred
Label = Category-School-Film Title​
e.g. Junior -Mulgrave -The Big Cheese​