Your Face,My Face

Xie Mian and Jia Qiao are in Nanjing and Chongqing. Xie Mian likes Jia Qiao,but Jia Qiao has never liked Xie Mian and is in a stable period of love with her boyfriend Zhou Yang. Recently, Xie Mian dreamed of Jia Qiao. He felt the urgency of love and the irrepressible love for Jia Qiao. He wanted to go to Nanjing to find Jia Qiao. Two cities which are Chongqing and Nanjing, a girl and two boys, in front of love, they are looking for their own identity when they facing each other...

  • Wang Fong
  • Wang Fong
  • Lesile Wong
  • Eric Wong
  • Wang A-Long
  • Yang Xinke
    Key Cast
    "Xie Mian"
  • Zhang Xiyue
    Key Cast
    "Jia Qiao"
  • Xiao Zijun
    Key Cast
    "Zhou Yang"
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  • Genres:
  • Runtime:
    14 minutes 59 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    July 11, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    1,020 USD
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  • Language:
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
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Director Biography - Wang Fong

Wang Fong,1997.02.25,majoring in the Media&Art in Nanjing University of Arts,a president of the Sweet-Rice Literature Club.

A screenplay and director of many short films.
2016,writed and directed a short film "MISS YOU";
2017,writed,directed and acted a short film "A PLAN TO FLY AWAY";
2017,writed a script "THE KILLING STORY WRITER";
2018,writed a script "THE NEXT SPRING",and be a film project of the Nanjing Publishing Group;
2019,writed a script "MY DEAR,HUA HUA";
2019,writed and directed a short film "YOUR FACE,MY FACE";
2019,writed a script "BEATING MY SOUL",and be a member of A CERTAIN FUTURE SHORT FILM CAMP of Hangzhou Westlake Film Promoting Association.

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Director Statement

It seems that love for a person can not escape from the other person's appearance. The appearance and face of the lover seems to answer why we loved, but if "love" can be an entity - like our arms - does it have a face in itself?

The short film is titled "Your Face,My Face", which attempts to explore such an interactive relationship of love. In the short film, I use the structure of dreams. The film is not a dream of a person, nor a dream.Everyone of them in the structure of dreams has the identity of bystander and insider. Dream is a space in which "I" and "what I think",it seem to exist as subjects and objects, but in the final analysis, it is self-spiraling. The love between Xie Mian and Jia Qiao is not only the emotional need of Xie Mian, but also Xie Mian cannot abandon the contrast between Jia Qiao's current boyfriend which is Zhou Yang and he.He wants to know what the true love is,but when the Jia Qiao's boyfriend exists,he cannot get the real answer.We all be constrained by our choice,but the choice we made also be constrained by what we wanted.When "face" is established, love will not let go of such an entity, so that we think we can be free by virtue of it, but in the end we just try to answer ourselves.

I speak to the film,and the film answer my life.The film screenplay writing creating my own space to make me have a view to watch this world.And the filmmaking give me a chance to organize what I saw and thought in this world.Film is at liberty,and it should be at liberty .Film only can be constrained by the film makers when we try to answer why we are constrained in the world in this way.