The Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival (Filmmaker Interactive Local Meetups) is a series of screenings of independent movies, which may be of local interest, of interest to a particular group of people with a community, or just for entertainment. Digital technology makes the WSFF program available to any community through the US and the world. The movies are selected.

This is not a typical screening and I don't want to be to encouraging to producers, since, as many events are evolving, this is a traveling festival that screens as a part of various conferences, with curated content that may be of interest to the conference attendees. This edition of the WSFF will be a part of the National Cohousing Conference in Nashville, TN. There will be 500 attendees with an opportunity to screen movies.

The movies will be playing in loops in a salon-style convention room.

The Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival is a means to integrate and converge the arts into communities and venues where movies aren’t normally shown and to provide new audiences for independent movies. WSFF will be chugging into a community near you. We want great stories. Good stories trump production value.

The Maxwell House Convention Center in Nashville, TN May 19 - 21, 2017.
The Cohousing Association of the US is holding its national convention and has integrated movies into the program.

(If you want to host a WSFF, it's simple. Just pick any location to screen the program – in a private home on a computer or television; in a church basement, at the local library, in the back room of a restaurant).

No awards or prizes, but selection counts and you can download a laurel from this link. FilmFreeway has a great little tool to create laurels.

WSFF is accepting 2-D movie entries in three categories: Feature length (TRT over 60 min) and Shorts (TRT 2min to 15min) with the following settings / themes:
- Wildlife and the human environment
- Environmental sustainability
- Relationship of humans and their environment

* GENERAL MOVIE SELECTION GUIDELINES Movies must have been completed on or after January 1, 2015.
* Screeners must be viewable on FilmFreeway.
* If your movie is selected, it must be submitted as high-resolution HD video and ACC audio files. The following video file formats are the preferred.

* MP4/MOV (MPEG4, h.264 high resolution HD)
* 1080p (NO 4k or oddball aspect ratios!!!)

If we can't play your movie, it won't be seen. Upon selection, if we don't receive your movie by the HARD deadline, it will be considered a festival, but WILL NOT SCREEN.
* Mark each File with the FilmFreeway number, title, run time, your contact information.
* A media kit isn't required, but remember to include 100 word synopsis of your project.
* All entries will are the property of WSFF, hard drives will be returned at the producers' expense
* WSFF isn't responsible for files damaged during shipment. At the discretion of WSFF, a replacement may be requested from the entrant - shipping costs are paid by the entrant.
* WSFF reserves the right to interpret the guidelines and enforce them at its discretion. They can be changed without notice, so keep checking back.

* Entrants agree that all information about their movie may be published electronically on the festival web page, on TV, and trailers; and all hard copy materials including but not limited to newspaper ads, programs, posters.
* Movies may be shown in part or their entirety on non-commercial or educational TV and / or in off-season promotional screenings at the Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival in under-served communities.
* This is an "opt out" system. You may opt out by sending an email to the festival upon notification.

Overall Rating
  • Hubert Grzywna

    Great, thanks ! Whistle Stop Festival !

    August 2017
  • Thanks a lot off .... and best Wishes !!

    June 2017
  • David Fratini

    Nice way to "taste" movies from all over the world in Nashville. Proud of being selected. Our Othello thank you

    June 2017
  • Unfortunately i couldn't go at Festival, but it seems me a very well organized and great festival. Good Luck! Regards form Brazil!

    May 2017
  • This is great festival, a quality selection of films. Specific places for film screenings. I'm glad that my films shortlisted. See you next year. I wish the festival every success in the coming years.

    May 2017