We regret to inform you that the event has been postponed and will take place in 2022.

The rationale behind this decision and the international situation compel us to act with lucidity and responsibility. We all perfectly understand that this forced measure is necessary to preserve the health and lives of Russian citizens and of our guests from different countries. We intend to show our respect and our deep gratitude to the health care providers, as well as to all those who choose solidarity and the public interest.

We sincerely thank you for the support provided to our project! We are looking forward to our cooperation in preparation for the «Worldwide" in 2022.

All films submitted in 2020 and 2021 will be considered for the next festival in 2022!

We hope that you and your families and friends are well in these uncertain times!
Let’s keep in touch and stay safe and healthy!


Saint-Petersburg international film festival “Worldwide” is a full-length feature film competition. Films that participate in the competition represent convergence of various art forms.

The main goal of the film festival is to establish dialogues between arts and cultures. The festival will not only show the art of cinema as a convergence of different types of art, but will also demonstrate both already existing traditions and modern innovations in the field of filmmaking. Awarding of the Eisenstein financial prize will be the core event of the film festival. By awarding the prize “Worldwide” film festival hosts strive to pay the tribute to the directing genius of Sergei Eisenstein, who was an innovator, artist, thinker and teacher, and whose contribution to the development of cinema and its language is universally renowned.

Main prize of the film festival – Eisenstein financial award (alongside a figurine and a diploma) is given to the winner (a director) of the main feature film competition

Runners-up are awarded with figurine prizes and diplomas in the following categories:

- Best Directing (awarded to a director);
- Best Acting (awarded to an actor or an actress);
- Best Cinematography;
- Best Production Design (awarded to a set designer).

«Audience Choice Award» is awarded according to the results of the audience voting. Additional prizes and awards from sponsors may be awarded by decision of the Directorate of the film festival.

Films presented by film companies, film studios, independent producers, distributors and any copyright holders may participate in the film festival.

Films completed no earlier than 2017 are accepted for consideration in the following categories:

- full-length feature films for the main competition program;
- documentary films no shorter than 30 minutes long for the out-of-competition program;
- experimental (arthouse) films for the out-of-competition program.

Submitted film copies should contain English subtitles (if their original language is not English).
The Directorate of the film festival selects films to participate in programs.
During the process of formation of programs, preference is given to world, international and Russian premieres.
Films insulting human dignity, promoting ethnicity, nationality, race, religion based intolerance and violence are not allowed to be included in the film festival's programs.
The Directorate of the film festival reserves the right to refuse the applicant to participate in the film festival without explanation.
By submitting an electronic application form to participate in the film festival, the applicant confirms to be an authorized representative of the rightholder of the film and agrees with all the points of these Regulations in full.
Within the framework of the film festival, films of the competition and out-of –competition programs may be shown no more than three (3) times without the written permission of the film producer or their authorized representative.