Fellow BC actors, writers & creators,

We are going through a tough time for the arts. Productions are shutting down, people are afraid to go to the movies, plays, shows & events. I worry that we are going to lose a piece of our humanity in the crossfire so we've created an online festival / competition to bring us all together. Just because we can't all meet face to face, doesn't mean we can't create and share art.

Today we are announcing the Vancouver Quarantine Performance Project. All of these projects can and should be made in social isolation. But we will be doing a wonderful variety show showing them all and awarding them April 18th and 19th. Safety is first

The categories of projects:

- Original Monologue - (Must be completely original and never performed before)
-Quarantined Short Film (shot in your own home, isolated outside or animated with whatever equipment you have)
- Original Song - (Must be a world premiere of the song, must be performed in a video)
- Stand up comedy routine (Created originally for this contest and submitted as a video file)


Submissions are due April 3rd.
YouTube Live Variety show will be Friday April 18th & 19th. Awards will be given and audience can vote for their favourites!

Entrance fee helps cover video streaming software (wirecast), digital promotion of the screening, and costs to help cover the live stream. Any money left over will be added to the prize pool.

Prizes TBD.

-Best Performance
-Best Writing

Quarantined Short Film:
-Best Short Film
-Best Writing
-Audience Choice (voting during live show)

-Best Original Song (jury)
-Audience choice

Stand up Comedy:
-Best comic award (jury)
-Audience choice

-Must be completely original and never performed before (performer and writer can be different)
-Max cast & crew total of 3 people.
-Must live in British Columbia
-First time publicly performed
-Don't shoot vertical (16x9 is requested).
-Must be shot in your home

Quarantined Short Film:
-Max 5 minutes
-Max 5 cast and crew (in person, do not participate with others if you have any symptoms please)
-Shot in your own home
-Please create film in isolation using your own equipment.
-Will be judged on creativity not production quality.
-Please practice social distancing (shoot either in your own house or outside away from others)
-Use all of the current recommendations of the BC Health Officials (it changes constantly)
-Animated projects are allowed/encouraged

Stand up comedy routine:
-Must be original
-Must be under 3 minutes.
-Max cast & crew total of 3 people.
-Must be shot in your home
-Must live in British Columbia

Best Original Song:
-Must be performed in a video, and be the world premiere of the song
-Must be under 3 minutes
-Must be presented in a recorded video
-Can be a Music video or a Dance video.
-Any Genre.
-Must live in British Columbia

Live shows will be April 18th and 19th.

No liability or responsibility is assumed by The Vancouver Quarantine Performance Project organizers. The team agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless The Vancouver Quarantine Performance Project organizers, officers, sponsors, and judges from and against any and all claims arising from, or in connection with, my / our submission. The filmmakers shall be solely responsible for taking all necessary steps to established protect and and all copyright associated with their films.