Viventra® Streaming is a digital video on demand platform and service. Members watch movies on our website or app. We have a growing catalog of movies, shorts etc., from around the world.

The Viventra Streaming Film Festival is our flagship online film festival and contest that accepts entries throughout the year. There are four (4) categories for submissions:

Ultrashorts (6 mins or less)
Shorts (30 mins or less)
Feature Film (60 mins or greater)
Documentary (30 minutes or greater)

There is no entrance fee to participate in the festival and contest. The submitted entries are selected by Viventra® Streaming for inclusion in the contest.

One of our mission objectives is to help independent filmmakers find a global audience.

If you are an aspiring filmmaker or crew looking to bring your story to a worldwide audience, submit your short film, feature film or documentary to The Viventra Streaming Film Festival.

This is an ongoing monthly contest. You may submit your official entry content package any time before the monthly deadline.

Please read entire contest rules and awards information before registering.

All shortlisted films in each category are given the option of special Viventra® Streaming worldwide distribution contracts for their selected contest entry.

Key terms of the special Viventra® Streaming worldwide distribution contract awarded to selected entries:
o 50% revenue share to licensor based on actual viewership
o Flexibility to set ticket price range
o Full waiver of hosting/release fees of INR ₹50,000 + tax
o Monthly revenue share settlement
o Worldwide distribution for a period of 1 year on an exclusive basis

If the selected contestants do not exercise their option and fail to execute the Viventra® Streaming worldwide distribution contract for their films within 30 days of award, Viventra reserves the right to cancel the options entirely without any other awards or award them to the next highest scoring contestant entry. No other form of award or compensation shall be provided in lieu of an unexercised option that is cancelled.

Festival and Contest updates shall be posted on the contest page on its official website, on the official Viventra social media handle @viventrasys on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and by email to all registered contestants at the email address(es) provided during registration.

Selection decisions are final.

There is no entrance fee to participate in the contest.

There are 4 Submission Categories: Ultrashorts | Shorts | Features | Documentaries
o Ultrashorts must be less than 6 minutes in duration
o Shorts must be less than 45 minutes in duration
o Features must be 1 hour or greater in duration
o Documentaries can be 30 minutes or greater in duration

A film may be submitted for only one category and must strictly follow the duration specified or it will be disqualified.

A film may be in any language.

English language subtitles necessary. Subtitles in other languages optional but recommended to reach a wide audience. Subtitles in multiple languages will not be a selection/elimination criterion.

The selected entries are shown to Viventra® Streaming members on our VOD platform during the judging and evaluation period which runs for a 20-day period after the month in which the submission is received.

Submissions must be received before the cut-off date/time for the month. The cut-off date/time is the 15th of each month. For eg: If a submission is received on 13th of August, it will be judged during the 20 day period 1st Sep to 20th Sep using audience views and ratings. Similarly, if a submission is received on 17th August (i.e., after the cut-off date), it will be judged during the 20 day period 1st Oct to 20th Oct.

Same contestant(s) may submit different films in multiple categories but only one entry per category is allowed in a given month. In the event a film is submitted in multiple categories, Viventra will use the first valid submission category and disqualify all other duplicate submissions from the same contestant in other categories.

Contestant may not submit a film that has participated in this contest previously. For eg: If you submitted a film as a Viventra® Streaming Film Contest entry in August, you may not submit it again in October.

The film must not have its digital rights licensed already in any territory and must not already be available on any other platform. The only exception to this is other festivals. i.e., your film is still eligible if it is playing in other festivals (including online festival events).

Contestant(s) must be the legal owner of the content, hold all rights to content and must sign an agreement to participate in the contest attesting to this fact.

Any plagiarism or copyright violation detected will automatically disqualify the contestant(s) and their entries and in the event this is detected after award, the awards shall be cancelled.

Contestant(s) must submit poster/banner hi-resolution JPEG/PNG image, mandatory SRT file for English language subtitles (optionally SRT files for other language subtitles), MPEG-4 video file and self-signed content-rating certificate. Detailed technical specifications shall be provided to registered contestants.

All expenses associated with participating in this contest are to be borne by the contestant(s).

Selection decisions are final.