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Jaamvant is a guy from India who bets with his elder brother to compete in upcoming legislative elections as his brother has promised to forfeit his loan given by him if he gets minimum one thousand votes in elections.
But when Jaamvant goes to file his nomination for the election, he finds that he isn't eligible to even compete, as the seat is reserved for so called backward castes. Jaamvant argues that being an Indian citizen he can't be stopped from participating in any elections but he is heard by none. His journey to find a way out of it unfolds the burning truths of Indian society and the side-effects of caste based quota (Reservation) system.

  • Ghanshyam Singh Odint
  • Bhawani Singh Jodha
  • GhanShyam Singh Odint
  • GhanShyam Singh Odint
  • GhanShyam Singh Odint
  • GhanShyam Singh Odint
  • JayPrakash Soni
    Associate Producer
  • Magha Ram Odint
    Key Cast
  • JayPrakash Soni
    Key Cast
  • Prakash Jangir
    Key Cast
  • Girdhari Sharma
    Key Cast
    "Daava Ram"
  • Ummed Dan Charan
    Key Cast
  • Sangeeta Shekhawat
    Key Cast
    "Poonam Jain"
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    Experimental, Feature
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    Socio-Political Comedy
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 50 minutes
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    0 USD
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  • India
Director Biography - GhanShyam Singh Odint

GhanShyam Singh born in a lower middle class family in a far village of Rajasthan named Odint. He started writing stories and poems at the early age, many of them got published in newspapers and magazines. Unfortunately he lost his father when he was 15, and being the only son he had to discontinue his studies and writings and had to start a readymade garments shop to support his family when he was only 18. The shop did well and soon he expanded to manufacturing the garments. He had to do this for 5 years and then he chose to shift to Mumbai to follow his dream of making films.
In 2013, aged 23 he came to Mumbai without knowing anyone in the city. After some struggle he managed to get the Assistant Director job in the TV serials and later worked at Balaji Telefilms and then worked with legendary Bollywood writer-director Saawan Kumar as well as written and directed two acclaimed short films. Then he developed the idea of "Vishesh {Privilege)" and shifted back to Rajasthan to make his debut feature film in his mother tongue Rajasthani language. No producer was ready to take the risk of making a film on controversial subject of Caste-based reservation system, so he founded the film production company 'RJ21 Films' and decided to produce the film indepently.

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Director Statement

In its preamble, Indian constitution states that every Indian citizen is provided the 'Right to Equality' and this right can't be revoked on any grounds while reality remains different as constitution itself provides Privileges based on caste. Population of India is divided into three categories based on their castes, SCHEDULED CASTES (SC), SCHEDULED TRIBES (ST), OTHER BACKWARD CASTES (OBC) and the castes which aren't included in these categories are referred as GENERAL castes. So, above mentioned three categories have their seats reserved in every Educational institute, Government job, Elections etc with No minimum qualification required and get special privileges in every government schemes. About 50% seats are reserved for the above mentioned three categories and rest are open for all. As a result of it, GENERAL people with 95% marks sometimes don't get admission in educational institutes while Reserved caste person with 0% mark get the job many times. This has resulted in total mess in the country as sometimes manager of the bank is less qualified than the peon.
A General person can't even compete in elections on reserved seats. That means if you are a General person and resident of a reserved constituency, you can never compete an election in your lifetime even if you are the most eligible for it, only because you do not belong to a certain caste.
'Privilege' is the story of such General guy named Jaamvant, who is unfortunately a resident of a reserved constituency and tries to fight for his rights.
About 30% (36 crores) of the Indian population is treated like the second class citizens in India. 'Privilege' is an attempt to support their voice and let their story heard by the world.