The dispensation of life and death

The video shows sadistic people sitting at a table where alongside the main course is a girl, clearly terrified.
With them there is a serial killer who, like a malicious presenter, entertains the audience of this aristocratic lounge.
A waiter keeps resupplying the table in front of these bored spectators and, while they are eating, the food acquires more and more a macabre connotation.
Rapid flashbacks, like dreamlike abstractions of introspection, depict their vices in their own private context touching religion, secret socities and perversions.
The hunger of the nobles is insatiable, they eventually start blaming each other in front of the gleeful eyes of the serial killer.
The last abstraction is his own, which brings him back to reality and what is currently happening: he is at the window and he is looking with desire at a girl as she strolls in the street, the one previously linked to his imaginary dream.

The serial killer is nothing more than a product, brought to the excess by our society. He represents the true choice that it (the society) induces: to abide by oneself or to live by moring according to ethical canons.
In his mind the need for exaggeration is represented throught the control he exercises on the victim.
He sees his personality as the demanding nobles he meets, characters with a dark and scary private life.
In the final he is back to reality, leaving him to the most disturbing of its questions: should he indulge in his nature?

  • Roberto Gallina
  • Fabio Gallina
  • Fabio Gallina
  • Roberto Gallina
  • Fabio Gallina
  • Maria Vittoria Barrella
    Key Cast
    Aquadro, In fondo al bosco
  • Guendalina Bassetti
    Key Cast
  • Emilio Frattini
    Key Cast
  • Federico Scarpinato
    Key Cast
  • Paola Rensi
    Key Cast
  • Alessio Dalla Costa
    Key Cast
  • Roberto Gallina
    Director of Photography
  • Yatzil Erculiani
    Backstage Photographer
  • Linda Maculan
    Make up Artist
  • Gian Paolo Manica
  • Corrado Measso
  • Roberto Gallina
  • Paolo Furlanelli
    Color Correction
  • Roberto Gallina
  • Mirko Dam
    1st AC
  • Project Type:
    Music Video
  • Runtime:
    3 minutes 22 seconds
  • Production Budget:
    500 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Roberto Gallina, Fabio Gallina

Roberto Gallina, born in 1991 and living in Trento - Italy, attended and completed the university course in new media and design at the TAG in Trento, followed an internship at the London Film Academy (UK) where he had the opportunity to work with Robin Vidgeon (Indiana Jones - The Lost Ark, Hellraiser etc). After this experience in 2014/2015 he was present on several Italian features / spots (for important brands such as Maserati). At various festivals in Italy, Germany and France he had several master and meetings with famous directors (Aronofsky, Tornatore etc) and specialized in photography for "Videocrazia", his italian video agency who worked for audiovisual productions. He is currently working on a personal short film project.

Fabio Gallina, born in 1984 and resident in Trento - Italy, director and screenwriter for Videocrazia, followed several masters and meetings with famous directors (Pif, Tornatore, Aronofsky). After being present on several feature sets, feature films, shorts and publicity.
He specialized in directorship and took care of most of Videocrazia projects.
He is currently working on a video that will be shot in Japan and developing a personal project.

2014 - The weight of a paper airplane - vincitore premio speciale CMEA festival Sorrento
2016 - The dispensation of life and death - Necro
2017 - Sebastiano Serafini - On the Run

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