Mobile film festival "velcom Smartfilm" is a competition of movies filmed by the mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) which is held in the Republic of Belarus. Annually the festival expands its borders, involving more and more people who wish to have a try in filmmaking.

International mobile film festival velcom Smartfilm is an open public contest held by Unitary enterprise velcom (trademark/ service mark velcom ) aimed to open creative potential of the talented youth of the Republic of Belarus, as well as to develop and promote cinematography.

Festival idea – “A free format of your story”. 

Festival organizer – Unitary enterprise on providing services “velcom” (Unitary Enterprise velcom).

Grand Prix:
3 000, 00 (three thousand) Belarusian rubles 00 copecks.

Prizes for 1st – 3rd places inludes special "smartfilm statuette":
1st place – Apple iPhone 8 256GB.

2nd place – Samsung SM-G955FD.

3rd place – Huawei Mate 10 Pro (BLA-L29)

Special prize for film chosen as Best by audience choice - smartphone

To take part in the festival you have to apply with your film up to 10 minutes duration and made by the mobile phone in 2017.
To upload your work you have to be identified by your phone number and get the access to your personal profile on website

1. Age: 18 and more years old
2. The participant shall submit the movie screened with a cell phone (smartphone) or tablet computer and submit it for consideration of the jury. The movie shall comply with all the requirements to the format of film submission (see below) and moral ethics norms.

Film submission format
Film length (runtime): not over 10 minutes;
Minimal preview image resolution: 600х360 px;
Recommended videoformat: Windows Media Video, Apple QuickTime, DivX, MPEG, 3gp. If necessary the Organizer may require a film in better quality;
Films produced in Russian and Belarusian languages are accepted without subtitles. Films produced in other languages are accepted in source languages with Russian, Belarusian or English subtitles.

3. The film may be edited with the usage of special software. The usage of special effects is allowed.
4. The film shall not violate the legislation of the Republic of Belarus; give offence to the dignity of citizens; harm the reputation and violate the rights and interests of the third parties protected by the law; stirring of religious, racial and ethnic dissention; contain graphic violence inhumane treatment of animals scenes, etc.; be obscene, offensive or pornographic; contain advertisement of alcohol, cigarettes and narcotic substances; violate rights of under aged persons; violate authorial and related rights of the third parties; contain commercial advertisement of any kind. Rights for audio, video and photo materials used in the film shall be free from any claim of any third party. Otherwise the responsibility for violation of rights of the third parties is lied with the Participant.

Overall Rating
  • Aimiende Negbenebor Sela

    So excited to have had Blind Date compete in this year's festival! Thank you so much for the honor. Great communication and follow through! Thank you :)

    August 2018
  • A really great film festival. I felt wonderful and the people of this festival are friendly. Hope to come again in their beautiful country.

    February 2018
  • We have the best experience with the festival. We are very happy to have won the third place, despite great competition from very good other participants. Many thanks to the jury and the administration of the festival!

    February 2018
  • this festivals had very bad newsworking about festivals and response to moviemakers
    for example , after selected my films, did not send any mail to me about that and did not reply my mail

    February 2018
  • Kesha Mamontov

    love love love love love

    June 2017