We are excited to be the first Family Friendly/Faith Based Film Festival in Dallas Texas. We are excited to be a venue that will be an outlet for Christian filmmakers that want to make a difference, by presenting the gospel through engaging films. We want to see Christian films that are raw and engaging that today's generation will get excited about.

We will have filmmakers seminars, panels to discuss faith and films, well as special guest panels that will discuss the industry and trends.

We want to build a community of filmmakers that will make a difference on the silver screen.

Awards & Prizes

Awards will be given out to the following:
Best Narrative Film
Best Documentary
Best Director
Best Film Editing
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Short Film
Best Short Director
Best Actor in a short
Best Actress in a short
Audience Favorite: Short Film
Audience Favorite: Feature Film
Best Screenplay

Best narrative and documentary film will win a cash prize and more.
Best Screenplay will have a chance to be optioned by Steeple House Pictures.

Rules & Terms

The biggest thing is that this is a film festival that will be spotlighting christian films. We expect all films to have a christian centered theme. With that in mind, we are looking for films that are raw and real. Christian films can be raw with Gospel. We ask that you give us a synopsis of your film so we know how pair it with other films that are similar. We want to make sure our audience knows what films they are about to watch and if it safe for their whole family. (Not all christian films are not suitable for 14 and under).

Submissions will be accepted via digital formats. Selected films will require hardcopies of film sent to our office. More details will be updated in the coming months.