Asatya (Untruth)

It's 1971.

Professor Brijmohan Pandey was excited to start his day, but his morning gets ruined by the presence of Dilip Yadav. Although an old student of his, Dilip had been missing for a few years but has now unexpectedly reappeared, only to demand that his thesis be accepted.

Brijmohan is irritated by Dilip's lack of regards towards the standard protocols, but Dilip keeps on pressing that his thesis would ignite a revolution in academic circles. He boasts to have "created" history rather than just "studying" history.

The question is simple: To what will Brijmohan give priority - the norms of the institute or to the hope that genius can be discovered in spite of them?

  • Ankit Rathore
  • Ankit Rathore
  • Ankit Rathore
  • Alok Bina Mohanty
    Key Cast
    "Brijmohan Pandey"
  • Ankit Rathore
    Key Cast
    "Dilip Yadav"
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  • Runtime:
    14 minutes 10 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 1, 2023
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Director Biography - Ankit Rathore

Ankit Rathore is an upcoming new-age director/writer whose movies challenge the conventional ways about how one perceives the reality around oneself. He is an avid reader and especially loves the science fiction genre. He is inspired to create cinematic narratives which along with entertainment, also make the viewers question the reality they face on an everyday basis. But, this questioning is not with the purpose of generating apathy, but rather to make more informed choices for themselves.

He truly believes that cinema is not just a mirror, but rather it’s a magical mirror, where human beings can look at both the right and wrong of their own souls, but the mirror inspires them to choose the right path. Although that's the vision he runs by, he does not shy away from exploring different perspectives and making tweaks as and when he feels necessary.

He also loves writing poems, songs and short stories and can also act once in a while.

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Director Statement

Each one of us is born with this unexplained desire to outlive ourselves, to imprint our legacy on humanity. We create artefacts - a majestic building, a poem, a painting, a musical piece, our progeny - and hope that the coming generations remember us with pride. It's safe to say that our ancestors were also thinking in the same way. But, are we prudent in giving due credit to the real creators or are we letting our perspective be coloured by the victors. Even more important question is - does this process of falsifying the facts ever stop?