unparalleled imagination | storyteller.
Mr. Khan defines himself as unparalleled imagination and storyteller.
He is a true Artist, A Creative Director, Ad Filmmaker, Art Director, Photographer, Instructor, Graphic Designer, Writer, Creative Consultant, Brand Head, Marketing & Communication Specialist, Interior Designer who passionately loves creative field and doing his creative works professionally from last two decades.
I am an artist without a certificate!
Art has no form, no color. Some can make it and showcase easily, some cannot. Even a great artist sometimes doesn't know what he is creating. I am an artist lost in the crowd of great artists. I never went to art school, so I don't play with colors. I use the pen but it's a weird one (My imaginations). I don't know the book's definition of art. I see art in everything. In the clouds of the sky, in the textures of the stone, in the wings of the birds, in the rainbow, in the web of spiders, in the tiny dew drops, in the shining stars, sometimes I see the colours colourless, sometimes I see the water colorful. I carry a camera but i am not a famous photographer. A beautiful sunrise might not pull me, but a box thrown in the street can. I click! Amazing!
Fog attracts, the cloud calls! I am amazed by the fusion of sunlight and water, mesmerized by the scent of rain-soaked soil. It is not just the still images and scattered colorful stuffs that attracts me. I am attracted by the story in everything and loves to express it.
It's been more than 10 years since I have carried the camera, I haven't received any awards for photography or created a masterpiece.
People says, Your photo is simple, very simple. The style is good, teach me how to capture it?
I taught photography many years, definitely taught 100’s of people. Taught confidently!
I was not afraid that someone would learn my style. I have no style. Whatever I like, I clicked and enjoyed it! My photos gives me peace. My camera is my friend and it always build my decision making ability, before i click me and my camera decides we should press the shutter or not. Once we both agrees we move forward.
I know art in everything and a story in every art. I remind you once again that I am an uncertified artist! I don't believe that one piece of paper makes an artist. Agree?
Creativity is in the nature we live in and in our inner nature. My imagination can neither be stolen nor moved.
I am me and what is inside me is always with me!
Those who understand will surely understand. Don’t worry If not, act as you understand.
Best Cinematographer
Survival- living through covid
Pegasus International Monthly Film Festival
Best Short Film / Best Lightning
Survival- living through covid
Five Continents Internation Film Festival
Best Short Film
Survival- living through covid
Tiburon International Film Festival
Best Cinematographer / Best Sound Design
Survival- living through covid
Eastern Europe Film Festival
Best Cinematographer
Survival- living through covid
Albori Soulplace Film Festival
Best Short Film Monthly Winner
Survival- living through covid
Shanghai International Short Week
Honorable Mention
Survival- living through covid
Sofia Art Film Awards
Best Covid Theme Film
Survival- living through covid
Cannes World Film Festival
Birth Date
September 1, 1981
Afzal Khan
Birth City
Current City
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unparalleled imagination | storyteller.
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