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Eat The Rich

Logline: Extradimensional beings have crossed into our world, and united with the elite, to form the New World Order, but after discovering her true nature, Christina will decide between world domination, and saving the human race.

  • Judah Ray
    Roll with the Punches, Not Today Satan, Ruff N Tumble Night, Pot Shop
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    Screenplay, Television Script
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    SciFi, Thriller, Action, Drama, Romance
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Judah Ray

Judah Ray was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. From the beginning, he set out to define himself as a true visionary. One of the originators of the American EDM scene, in 1994, at the age of sixteen, he produced his first event; a festival that ended up drawing thousands of attendees. At the same time, a passion for art led him to explore graphic design during the early days of Adobe. He quickly established himself as one of LA's most sought-after underground rave Producers and Graphic Designers. Ultimately, he set his sights on the film industry. After starting as a P.A., then working through multiple departments to learn the trade, in 2005, Judah produced his first feature film, One Among Us, which was distributed, to Netflix. Since its' release, it has become a cult classic with horror fans, worldwide. Judah went on to work at MGM Entertainment, where he developed ideas for remakes of many of the films in their library, some currently in production. He has also worked at Mtv, and as an Art Director for the music videos of several superstars, such as Brandy, Fabulous, Pharrell Williams, and others. He then enrolled at L.A.F.S. where he studied the fundamentals of filmmaking and developed his passion for the creative side of the film industry. He graduated Summa Cum Laude and was the first Valedictorian the school has ever named. Today, Judah is an accomplished Screenwriter and Director, with over one hundred honors for his work in short and feature films and the founder of A-Level Pictures.

A feature he wrote, If She Screams, is available through Glasshouse Distribution. His directorial debut, Making Peace, which he wrote, is touring the 2021 festival circuit. It’s been awarded over forty honors, which include Best Short, Best Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Concept, and Best Cinematography, as a film. Also, Best Original Concept, Best First Time Writer, and more, as a screenplay.

Currently, he has three feature screenplays in development. Unorthodox, a female-driven, faith-based, horror/thriller, with a twist ending. A dramatic thriller, based on the true story of a mother who became a hitwoman, Shabu. And a female-driven action film, the main character created by Tom Sizemore. He’s also currently developing a sci-fi series, Eat The Rich, based on the New World Order, extradimensional beings, new age metaphysics, and the story of one woman’s choice, between world domination and saving the human race.

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Writer Statement

I hope people see this as an original concept, revolving around untouched topics, like the Large Holdren Collider, and new terrors, like evil interdimensional beings.

Judah Ray Neiditch