FORMALLY "COVIDaVINCI" by DaVinci International Film Festival.

GENiUS is a branded ultra-short program presented by the DaVinci International Film Festival; originally launched in 2020 as "COVIDaVINCI" -- a "Shelter-In-Place" film competition for those under strict mandates during quarantine.

ANYTHING GOES AT GENiUS. Well, within [creative] reason and interpretation, of course ...

We have made his program extremely affordable with huge upside and visibility for our Selections. It costs $10 to submit -- always has -- always will.

We are looking for bold. beautiful, and creative voices in this program. Voices that break boundaries with creative expression and explore new ways of storytelling. And all in 5 minutes or less, which we all know is part of the discipline.

Over the last two years, this program has seen thousands of entries and showcased hundreds of incredible projects that were in competition for DaVinci's "Audience Award". Our online-live hybrid model offers exponential visibility for our filmmakers to global audiences.

Our GENiUS Selections will screen online ahead of the live event with an integrated voting system for ticketed guests. The ultra-short with the most amount of votes will be awarded the Audience Award and screened at DIFF 2020 live event.

- Selection laurel from DaVinci International Film Festival
- Sponsorship Prizes / CloudSwag
- Program inclusion
- Audience Award
- Live Event Screening (for Audience Award winner)


If your project is over 5 minutes (TRT) even by a second, please DO NOT SUBMIT, as it will be disqualified and not reviewed.

GENiUS at DaVinci International Film Festival honors 100 ultra-short films with Official Selections and a shot at an Audience Award and prizes.


- No longer than 5 minutes TRT
- All non-English speaking films must be presented with English subtitles.
- In the event of a film is withdrawn, DIFF will not refund or return any materials.
- Submit as many projects as you'd like! Each film requires its own entry fee.
- No porn

Questions? Please contact us at

Overall Rating
  • Yo Kohatsu

    I was surprised that both of the two works in the series "The journey with" and "Hill top town" that I submitted were selected. I am very grateful to the festival team. All my movie teams are happy too. Even under the influence of COVID19, movies are traveling across countries in this way.

    January 2022
  • Daniel Beals

    It was an honor to have our film, Don't Be Afraid, included in CoviDaVinci. We look forward to getting back to more in-person events in the future, but in the meantime, fests like yours were refreshing and encouraging to be part of. What a creative expression of film. Congrats, everyone!

    Say hello at

    December 2021
  • Angel Alzona

    So honored to have been a part of this festival! Great communication from the organizers. It was an awesome outlet to showcase your work amongst other great films. Grateful to have won the Audience Award!

    November 2021
  • Betsy Stern

    A wonderful festival with excellent communication!

    October 2021

  • What a delightful festival!

    We’ll definitely be back with future projects.

    Highly recommend.

    October 2021