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"Transphobia" starts by the need to increase the visibility of the trans community and the problems faced by the simple fact of being.
Excluded, marginalized and victim of a system that controls a world of drugs and prostitution; exposing them to danger, relegating them to solitude and even imposing socially that one does not deserve to be in this world by being trans.
This is a call of conscience, an artistic shout of what is happening, how society is accomplice of the silence; denying what is consider different, not given the opportunity to dream of another life.
Therefore this video is made in memory of Lohana Berkins, Diana Sacayán and everybody that lives under the injustice.

  • Sergio Bonacci Lapalma
    The Bloody Prew, The Bloody Illusion
  • Sergio Bonacci Lapalma
    The Bloody Prew, The Bloody Illusion
  • Maldita Productions
  • Alma Fernandéz
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
    Music Video
  • Runtime:
    4 minutes 30 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 15, 2016
  • Production Budget:
    1,400 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Sergio Bonacci Lapalma

American-Argentine Award Winning Film Director and Film Editor. Bachcler Degree in Dramatic Arts at the St. George Collage of Quilmes, graduated as a Film and TV Director at the Centro de Investigación y Experimentación de Cine y Video (CIEVyC) and Director of Photography at the del Centro de Formación Profesional del Sindicato de Cine (CFP SICA) respectively, where he studied under notable figures as Cannes Film Festival winner, Santiago Loza as well with Oscar winners Juan José Campanella and Aida Bortnik.
He makes indi short films, still photography, VJ for indi bands and electronic music, video art and other experimental videos. He works almost exclusively for his friend band, POSEIDOTICA. Making them videos that have been selected in several international Film Festivals, like the song from their last album, THE SOUL OF THE MACHINES or the feature live presentation of their previews album, Crónicas del Futuro. The show had an outstanding musical, visual and light performance that got edited in an amazing videoart of over an hour and a half. The video piece is named: POSEIDOTICA: TRAVELING TO A NEW DIMENSION.
Lapalma has been nominated in numerous distinctions for Film Directions, Photography, Sound Design, Production... Not to forget the success of his short film THE BLOODY PREW (2009) following by the documentary THE BLOODY ILLUSION (2014). This last, critically acclaimed by the audience and the critics, calling his work "artful and forceful" and as an "unusual film that brings [the main character´s] story to life with purposeful direction and creative, well-executed editing." This film achieved international awards, including Best Movie, Audience Choice and Best Editing,
He has worked with numerous figures, like Alfredo Casero, Guillermo Francella, Julieta Diaz, Boy Olmi, Alejandro Paker, Xavier Albertí...
His last film as a Producer and Film Assistant, I´M RINGO (2014), by José Luis Nacci was well received at international film festivals, with excellent reviews in its commercial release by the press, achieving national awards like BEST MOVIE at the FICID - Festival Internacional de Cine Deportivo (Argentina).
He was Co-Programmer ,Co-Director and Coordinator of the 11° Transterritorial Underground Film Festival of Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2015. Gathering national and international film artist from the underground, like the special retrospective they did of the German experimental Filmmaker, Thorsten Fleisch (Enter the Void). It was the biggest, with over 20 places (bars, theatres, cinema, museum, etc.) and longest (11 days) that an underground festival had in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Lately he is working like General Coordinator at Fuera de la Común Distribución, distributing films in the Argentine territory, like THE DANCE OF REALITY (2014) by Alejandro Jodorosky, MEDITATION, CREATIVITY AND PEACE (2012) by Davyd Lynch... including the first feature film of the comedian Alfredo Casero, CHA3DMUBI.
Without excluding his work as a Filmmaker, he is working with an outstanding DP: Lisandro Negromanti. Co-CEO of their Production Company, MALDITA PRODUCTIONS. They are filming together several projects, like a mokumentary of the life of one of the best Art Directors of Latin America, Bosco and Jojo (known for "Happy Together" by Wong Kar-wai); a trip to Japan with an old school arcade videogame called NAVE and the life of one of the best guitarist of our time, Norberto "Pappo" Napolitano.
Lapalma is now living in Los Angeles, California, due to the presidential election in his country that is affecting negatively independent artist and filmmakers as himself.

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