Terrence Ward: A Creative Dynamo
In the heartland of America, amidst the enchanting landscapes of Arkansas, a remarkable storyteller and filmmaker, Terrence, has emerged as a beacon of creativity. With a multifaceted career spanning across various facets of the entertainment industry, Terrence has carved a niche for himself that's nothing short of inspiring.
Awards and Valor:
Terrence's journey began with an unquenchable passion for storytelling. Through his lens, the stories of valor and resilience from Arkansas came to life. His remarkable films have not only touched hearts but have also clinched four prestigious film awards, underscoring his exceptional talent for capturing the essence of Arkansas veterans in each frame.
Television Maestro:
Venturing into the realm of television, Terrence has produced, filmed, and edited over 40 captivating television show episodes. Each show is a testament to his versatility and storytelling prowess, bringing a diverse range of narratives to the small screen.
A Stint in Stardom:
But Terrence's talent doesn't stop behind the camera. He stepped in front of it, gracing the sets of a Hallmark Movie and the hit TV series "The Young Rock" as an extra. As well as a co-host of Memphis Wrestling and collaborations with other nationally recognized sports brands. These experiences not only showcased his charismatic presence but also gave him insights into the world of acting.
The Voice of Brands:
Beyond the visual medium, Terrence found his voice, quite literally, and became a sought-after voice talent. His captivating vocal tones have resonated with audiences nationwide, as he lends his voice to several prestigious national brands.
Through every venture, Terrence has stayed true to his roots in Arkansas, infusing their work with the spirit and valor of the region. His journey is a testament to creativity, dedication, and the power of storytelling, proving that dreams can indeed be realized in the heartland of America.
High School
Hoxie Public School
Birth City
Current City
Walnut Ridge
Walnut Ridge
5' 11"
Eye Color
Married To
Mikayla Ward
News & Reviews
News & Reviews
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