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The Pinch Code

When a private security CEO must confront his wife's traumatic past and protect their home from a gang of intruders, he's forced to face his own fears and past mistakes.

  • Oliver North
    Ms. Me
  • Oliver North
    Ms. Me
  • Rafiq Samsodien
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    Crime, Mystery, Horror
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    South Africa
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Writer Biography - Oliver North

Oliver North is a highly accomplished South African screenwriter with a passion for telling stories that inspire change. His recent project, a proof-of-concept feature trailer titled "MIER," focuses on the struggles of the Khoisan people in their fight for the resources of the Kalahari. Supported by the National Film and Video Foundation, the project was initiated in early 2019 and successfully completed in June 2020.

Mr. North's second short film, "Mier 'The Ant'," made a significant impact by premiering at global film festivals. As the first film ever made about the Khoisan people, who are often stereotyped in the industry, Mr. North felt a responsibility to accurately portray the tribes of the Kalahari. Moreover, he recognized that film production could serve as a valuable resource for the Northern Cape, where there is a high rate of unemployment and limited capacity for skilled workers. As a result, Mr. North's efforts generated 86 jobs in Andriesvale, Northern Cape, consisting of 7 permanent, 58 contract workers, and 22 freelance workers.

Mr. North's first film, "MS ME," is a powerful short film about a young man struggling with depression who searches for a missing girl in his community and finds meaning in the process. The film aimed to raise awareness of the alarming suicide rate in South Africa, but its impact was hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. North himself has struggled with depression during his seven-year journey to make his first feature film, and he hopes that his upcoming feature, "Mier," will address issues of culture and heritage and promote social justice in a meaningful way.

Overall, Mr. North's dedication to storytelling and commitment to creating jobs and promoting social change make him a valuable asset to the filmmaking community.

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Writer Statement

"The Pinch Code" presents a unique opportunity for a high ROI indie horror film. With 70% of the film taking place in one location and a small crew filming in South Africa, the budget can be kept low while still delivering a high-quality, suspenseful thriller.

Additionally, the horror genre has a proven track record of profitability, with devoted fans who eagerly seek out new and exciting films in the genre. The market for horror films has only grown in recent years, and "The Pinch Code" offers a fresh and unique take on the genre that is sure to attract attention.

Furthermore, the film's themes of personal growth, the consequences of past decisions, and the power of overcoming fear are universal and relatable, appealing to a wide range of audiences. The film's ability to transcend its specific setting and characters to address broader ideas of the human condition will only increase its appeal to a diverse audience.