Private Project

The Grudge

Tayo kindle is married to Kemi who is the sole heir to her father’s real estate company. She is a career woman, very stern, has a calm exterior but obviously has some emotional struggles and bears a grudge known to only her. Tayo on the other is a loving devoted father , loves his wife to the core and a doting father of two, he is not as successful as his wife but does his best all the same.
Our story starts when the older son of the couple goes missing, he is later found but then Tayo decides to address the underlying problems in their marriage , which of course affects the children and their welfare as a whole. Kemi as usual will hear nothing of it as she is ‘busy’ as usual
Ebere is a long time friend of the couple, Kemi’s best friend from school, always been like a family member and has witnessed the highs and lows of the kindles marriage, she is a widow ,who is very religious and helps the couple with prayers, support and a listening ear. She works in the same company as Tayo
Taju and Chikodi Amoo are a couple from the other end of town. Taju is a chronic womaniser who would rather spend all his money on different girls than spend it on his wife Chikodi who just got pregnant and ended up being his wife much to his dissatisfaction as he would rather be with a Yoruba woman. They have a little girl Pamilerin
The kindles need to hire a new help as the last help was fired due to negligence which brings in Chikodi who is originally a cleaner in Kemi’s establishment. Ebere is not happy about this as she feels Chikodi isn’t suitable for the job and advises kemi against it.
Taju goes on a job interview in Tayo’s company as a company driver and is turned down by Tayo leaving Taju very bitter and angry, getting home chikodi welcomes him with the news of her new job at the kindles as a househelp which ofcourse doesn’t go down well with Taju but agrees because they could use money.
Back at the kindles , its their tenth anniversary ,Ebere works to help Tayo prepare an anniversary surprise dinner, Kemi is pleasantly surprise but cant make the getaway Tayo has been planning, because of work, this dampens things even further.
As things get worse at the kindles , Taju continues to abuse Chikodi. Chikodi discovering that she she is pregnant considers abortion using a local herbal concussion which leads to a miscarriage while she is at work at the Kindles.
Kemi and Ebere rush her to the hospital. Taju on hearing this, seizes the opportunity to get some money off the rich people , he gets the police involved , accusing the Kindles of impregnating his wife and then aborting his baby ,on arrival he discovered that Tayo was coincidently the same man who was responsible for him not getting the earlier job ,this makes him even more furious. Tayo is arrested but released later same day
We notice for the first time Ebere’s secret agenda, she implies to Kemi that Tayo may have had something to do with Chikodi, Kemi ofcourse at this point, having her own deeper grudge will not take anymore , she stops talking to Tayo. Ebere as usual is always there to wade in.
Ebere visits Chikodi as she recovers and discovered she is being abused by Taju, she reports Taju to the police and he is picked up and locked up.
Ebere feels some sense of guilt and decides to come clean, seeing as things seem to have worsened because of what she said about Chikodi and Tayo she drives to the kindles late one night ,and begins her confession to Kemi
This confession reveals that she is in love with Tayo, she and Tayo had a fling on the kindles 5th anniversary, she made up the story about Chikodi and Tayo, she starts to beg for forgiveness. Kemi to her surprise knows about Ebere’s obsession and has actually secretly been plotting her revenge against her.
Earlier on Ebere had been given a glass of juice which Kemi had poisoned.
Ebere starts to writhe in pain.
We end on a dying Ebere, and Kemi cold as ice.

  • Yemi Morafa
  • Taiwo Egunjobi
  • Funmi Holder
  • Richard Mofe Damijo
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 46 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    March 31, 2016
  • Production Budget:
    8,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director - Yemi Morafa