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the girl child Hope

A legal and philosophical precept and arguments based on legal flaws within the system of justice. Kasim a father to Girl child Hope had vowed to father no child, however his long time girlfriend Casandra steals his semen which she uses to self fertilize. it goes all well as Kasim had to have agreed to non-obligatory upbringing of the child and on legal terms. but now, Casandra is diagnosied with lukemia, about to die. she is pushing custody to Kasim despite the agreement.

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    Screenplay, Short Script, Television Script
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A Kenyan author, writer, a theoretical physics scholar and philosopher. has written books based on researches, philosophical arguments and scientific findings. well known by his unique way of critical thinking.

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i confirm that the script in subject can produce a dignified and thrilling series and-or full film. i have the complete set script done.