The Four Musketeers

Leo, Andrea, Raff and Nic are four very close friends from different parts of Italy. They met in Bologna, the undisputed LGBTQ+ capital of the country. Bologna is the Italian city with the most vibrant queer scene, and the heart of the LGBTQ+ associations.

Leo, Raff and Andrea are young and in the process of transitioning from a female to a male gender identity. They are motivated to go through with it, notwithstanding the many obstacles. Day by day they bravely confront their desire to be who they are. Nic is a non-binary person who recently started his medical transition. The movie depicts the very beginning of his medical transition. Nic is also the oldest of the group, he has a job, is married and with has already developed life a plan together with his wife. Nonetheless, he continues to be on a journey of exploration of his identity.
For the four friends getting through the day often means going through a hurdles race. The essential, tiresome daily resolve they each have to display is fuelled by a small great dream: to go for a trip together. A yearning that finally takes place and frees up a great amount of energy.

  • Nicolò Bassetti
  • Nicolò Bassetti
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Director Biography - Nicolò Bassetti

Nicolò Bassetti is the creator of the SacroGra documentary film, an urban narrative project. Author of the Sacro Romano Gra, Quodlibet (Ita) 2013 and La Fosse aux Ours (Fra) 2015.

Out of his original idea and two years' work with director Gianfranco Rosi came SacroGra, a documentary film which won the Leone d'Oro at the 70th Venice International Film Awards.

Nicolò has recently finished his first full feature independent documentary "Magnifiche sorti, quadri da una esposizione universale". The film enquires into the lives of the people who in spite of everything found themselves overlooking a mysterious location: the last Universal Exhibition, Expo 2015, a vast spaceship that landed in the heart of Milan's suburbia.

A landscape expert and urban explorer, Nicolò worked in the Ruhr Valley shortly after the unification of the two Germanies and at Italsider in Bagnoli (Naples), where he conceived and produced the Neapolis Rock Festival in an abandoned industrial district, wedged between chimney stacks and the sea.

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