The Texas Indie Filmmaker Awards Ceremony is a red carpet, formal event for Texas-based films or films in association with Texas.

Texas Indie Filmmaker Awards is an awards show created with independent artists in mind. Our goal is to give Texas Artists a Hollywood feel by acknowledging the hard work they pour into their projects. Our goal is to provide opportunities and exposure to the talent behind the industry. This event is also a vast networking opportunity created to unite artists across Texas with a significant emphasis on diversity and unifying the industry.

We understand the hard work it takes to get noticed and make that journey that lands you in the running for an Oscar, Grammy, or Tony. We also know everyone simply won’t make it to that level and that’s where we come in. We want to recognize artists right where they are. No special requirements are needed other than having produced quality material.

Ladies in Film & Television is a non-profit organization that facilitates a huge networking and creative base for underrepresented and overlooked talent. You’ll also find a safe place with us. We were birthed from the rebranding of Headline Mentors & Performing Arts, which was established in 2009.

As independent artists, we understand the frustration of putting your all into your projects and not having access to a platform to celebrate your greatness. This is the reason for creating this awards ceremony. We will broadcast live on our YouTube channel, “LIFT TV” and our Facebook page as well which hosts close to 5000 members all over the world and we continue to grow daily.

* The winners in each genre will receive a custom trophy and custom "WINNER" laurel
* Film of The Year Award (Special Award)
* Texas Indie Filmmaker Award (Special Award)
* LIFT Community Awards (Special Awards)
* LIFT AWARD (Special Award) - Highest Award, presented to a person whose project has a strong uplifting theme and which brings unity among others.

Awards in Both Film Categories:

Best Lead Actor *
Best Lead Actress *
Best Director *
Best Producer *
Best Editor *
Best Make-up Artist *
Best Hairstylist *
Best Music Video
Best Documentary
Best Animated Film
Best Special FX *
Best Costume Designer *
Best Cinematography or Videography Production *
Best Web-Series
Best Talk Show (Podcast, Radio, Indie TV Network)
Best Soundtrack *
Best Stage Play
Best Short Film
Best Feature Film
Best Youth Filmmaker (Ages 5-19)
Best Poster *

* This opportunity is a FREE entry included with Best Feature Film, Short Film & Stage Play entries and can only be entered by the submitter.

All films will be judged on submission guideline adherence as well as the quality of content.

1) Official Selections will be announced and published on our social media sites.
2) Only LIFT judges have access to submissions.
3) All votes are recorded privately.
4) All entries are to be submitted via Film Freeway.
5) Do not send discs or downloadable files.
6) Winners will be announced on the date listed.
7) By submitting to the festival, you confirm that you own the rights to the film and accept all the Rules & Terms.
8) Festival maintains the right to change the submission genre should the festival find the submission is better suited elsewhere.
9) The same film may be submitted under different genres.
10) Festival has the right to publicly use snippets, sequences, and still images from the submitted material with music & sound to share on print, social media, and our website as well as share the IMDb data of the associated industry members.
11) No submission may be withdrawn after its participation has been publicized.
12) All winners are responsible for transportation and lodging.
13) All winners must attend the Nomination Meeting which explains logistics.
14) All entries MUST have one of the following to enter; Must be a Texas-based film, Texas Actors, Texas Location, Texas Producer, Texas Director, or a Texas Writer.
15) Submissions have to have been completed within the past 5 years, between 2018-2022.