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Salim-Javed(fake names) travel to Jeolikote, Uttrakhand on orders of their producer Sippy. Their instructions are simple stay put and wait. Javed is a little irritated as he doesn't want to stay in isolated place for that long while he has to share the room with Salim, because all rooms are booked the only room available is with bunk bed. Salim who is more than happy and doesn't care for with whom he is sharing the room. They start their stay with local market sightseeing which Javed is not very happy to see since he knows there's nothing for him to buy to see. On their way back they come across 2 trekkers and soon Salim decides he wants to go on trek with them. Javed comes across a woman Ashwini who is not a local but living in the hills for some time. He asks her for dinner which she says yes soon. On reaching back to the hostel, where they are staying they have already formed a good bond with the Co-owner Mrs. Bisht(first name not known). A woman who is open for everything has been running the establishment with her late(running late) husband and father-in-law. But she is the one who manages the day to day operations and oversees everything. As the time passes by, with no calls from Sippy and they have to wait there for the next 20 days. Javed gets more irritated with the stay.
Javed goes to his dinner date with Ashwini and Salim waits at the cafe for the call from Sippy. Things don't go for both of them as they wanted. Javed comes across something from his past, which makes him leave his date half way through. While Sippy calls Salim and asks him to get something from Nainital.
Javed has lost all his inner control and bursts out when confronted by Salim. He doesn't feel like being a writer anymore. All those years he has been writing for someone, what he has been told. But he can't do that anymore. He quits writing and leaves, while Salim faces Sippy in the end confronts him that he has redeemed himself from all the favors Sippy did to him by taking shit from over the years and finally goes on that trek he was meant to leaving Sippy with no writer.

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