Summer Scream Fest aims to highlight great horror shorts. Our goal is to find the horror audience and bring great horror entertainment that is outside the window for a traditional theatrical release.
This year's festival will be held in Parkersburg, WV. The 2022 festival is excited to be running as part of the Deep Focus Indie Filmmaker Convention.

Selected films are screened both in a theater for one day and are made available via our online festival for 30 days in order to bring these amazing films to the largest audience possible.

Horror Shorts with a run time under 70 minutes.
Judging will divide shorts into Micro, Short, and Extended.
Micro Shorts are under 5 minutes
Shorts are 5-19 minutes
Extended Shorts are 20-70 minutes

Outstanding Women In Horror
Productions must be primarily female. At least one major technical role must be female i.e. Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Director of Photography, etc. Films submitted as Women in Horror will automatically be considered in the general horror category.

Animated projects will also be automatically considered for the general Horror Short category as well.

Student projects must be produced by students. Submit valid student ID when submitting your project. Student projects will also automatically be considered for the general Horror Short category

Design and create your most original and terrifying horror photography.
Selected photography submissions will be displayed throughout the festival as well as online.

Best Micro Short - Under 5 minutes
Best Short - 5 minutes to 19 minutes
Best Extended Short - 20 to 70 minutes
Best Animated Short
Best Student Production
Outstanding Women In Horror
Best Photography

*Films must by under 70 minutes including opening titles and end credits.

*Entries are only selected through FilmFreeway. Physical copies are not accepted.

*Summer Scream Fest does not require premiere status for consideration.

*All selections will screen live during the festival as well as ONLINE. Keep this in mind when submitting. Selected entries will be made available through Exploding Tarantula's ONLINE outlets. Once final selections have been made public a selection cannot be withdrawn!

*Entrant hereby grants permission to Exploding Tarantula Entertainment and Summer Screams Horror Short Film Festival to make submission available in its entirety ONLINE.

*Selections will be made available for 30 days beginning the day after the theatrical presentation of the selections.

*Selections will be publicly announced July 1, 2022

*Selections may be withdrawn any time prior to the public announcement on July 1, 2022

*Entry fee is non-refundable

*Entrant hereby grants permission to Exploding Tarantula Entertainment and Summer Screams Horror Short Film Festival to use footage, stills, title, and information for promotional purposes of all submissions regardless of selection status.

*Entrant hereby grants permission to Exploding Tarantula Entertainment and Summer Screams Horror Short Film Festival to screen submission at selected venues throughout the festival.

*Screening schedule is set by the festival director and is subject to change at any time.

*Entrant certifies submission is free from legal disputes and entrant has cleared all rights to music and exhibition

*Due to the volume of submissions we are not able to provide feedback on entries

*One image per photography entry

*Photography submission must be a hi-resolution file. Image may not have watermark or other logo visible. Hi-Resolution unmarked files will be used for Summer Screams Horror Short Film Festival physical display only.

*Lo-Resolution images with watermark and/or logo visible maybe used for the online display. This may be submitted via email after notification of selection.

*Selected images will be publicly displayed during the festival

*Selected images will be featured on the Exploding Tarantula Entertainment website and promotional material

Overall Rating
  • Excellent organization and very friendly and warm team¬†¬†

    January 2021
  • Robert Hensley

    Extremely pleased to be selected for this fest! THANK YOU!

    August 2019

    A great experience. I'm proud for the selection at this Film festival. many thanks :)

    August 2019
  • Great experience cant wait to submit my next project

    August 2019
  • Brian Nestor

    It is a great film festival, I encourage people to submit your film!

    January 2019