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sukhachi zop

Sachin an honest middle class government employee doing 9 hours job leading a peaceful life and doing his work in systematic and timely manner. Whereas his wife has done with her life because her husband is not taking any bribe and continue leading the bore life. His wife is always dreaming about luxury vehicle and big house and for that she always scold her husband and tell stories how other people are having a good life by taking bribe and how they are still in the old small house. One day a person comes to Sachin and handover a some cash to process the work at priority Sachin takes the money and give to her wife, her wife gets surprise and became happy, however that night Sachin finds it very difficult to digest the fact about taking the bribe, so at that night Sachin takes the cash and goes to the person who gave him the money.

  • Sachin Vasant Kedari
  • Sachin Vasant Kedari
  • Sachin Vasant Kedari
  • Sachin Vasant Kedari
    Key Cast
    "Sachin "
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    सुखाची झोप
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    9 minutes 28 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 24, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    50 USD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Sachin Vasant Kedari

Hi, really thank you for giving me an opportunity to show my movie on this platform, let me introduce you. My name is Sachin Kedari I am born and raised in lonavala. Since childhood I was more attracted towards cinematography, though I choose many streams to pursue my career, somehow I found that my passion is only cinematography and in 2012 I started making short films which wasn’t easy at all. Being a newbie I learned a lot failed many times and got to know many flaws about films. I have even made a 1-2 hrs of full length movie only with my DSLR camera, which taught me what it takes to make a complete movie.

Later on by after a few years I started my own production firm Siddhidata entertainment, so I got a good platform to share my short stories I.e. youtube. I got many likes many suggestions and I am learning every day about direction ,cinematography. Till now I have made more than 30 movies as a freelance DOP. I have started taking parts in various competition, which will teach me where I am standing in this Direction and cinematography world.

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Director Statement

I really enjoyed making the film, where I have showcased how a simple ordinary government employee leads a small life and how much money they are getting offered as a bribe in their day to day work. By this I wanted to show the message to our society that getting so much money will really give you a good bed and a huge house but will that person will feel safe and get a good sound sleep in that house? As a director I got this opportunity to show the people how an ordinary person can get money that easily however, how that person will lead the life which is not peaceful