Stay Not Silent

After hearing that her estranged father has been in a possibly fatal accident, a young woman is forced to face the demons of her past and decide between apparent justice or reconciliation.

  • David Nemeth
    Killer's Revenge, The Farewell
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    Short Script
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    United States
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  • Los Angeles CineFest
    Los Angeles, CA
    November 25, 2016
  • Sacramento International Film Festival
    Sacramento, CA
    April 22, 2017
Writer Biography - David Nemeth

David Nemeth is a writer/director who has written a novel, over 130 films including webisodes, short films, and a feature film. Since then, his talents have grown to encompass many aspects of film, challenging himself at every turn to learn and grow in both in writing and directing.
David's first major project was the feature film "The Door", which began in November 2011 and wrapped in January 2014. The film was entered into several film festivals, earning it the "Best Independent Feature Film" at the River City Film Festival in Alabama.
David has since continued his pursuit of writing and directing, with his next big venture in "Killer's Revenge," garnering two official selections, including the Global Short Film Awards in New York, and Best Pro-Am Short at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival in Iowa. He is now working on several new films, "The Farewell," a mostly-silent film with a stirring emotional ending, "Better," a comedic short film, and a yet untitled science fiction feature film.

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Writer Statement

Writing Stay Not Silent was very difficult for me. It started as one idea and has morphed into several different ones, finally landing where it did. It tells such a hard and difficult message that I've struggled to even end the script the way I did, but I wanted to make sure the message was driven home and not watered down. I had to force myself to look inward at pieces of me that I may not have wanted to face, but the realism behind the film is so emotional because a lot of what the characters feel toward each other are raw emotions inside of myself. In the end, I am satisfied with how this script turned out, and am very much looking forward to getting to film it someday soon.