The aim of the festival is to showcase short and documentaries from across the world and promote storytellers.

Started in 2012 the upcoming festival marks the seventh year of the event.

You may watch the trailers here

Best Short Film Rupees 15,000 /- and 10,000/-

Best Documentary Rupees 15,000 and 10, 000/-

Best Short Film Director Rupees 8,000/-

Best Documentary Director Rupees 8,000/

7th Smita Patil Documentary and Short Film Festival will be held from December 8 - 9, 2018 in Pune. It is organized by Arogya Sena, to know more about Arogya Sena please visit


The festival will start accepting entries from 10th January 2018

Deadline for registration: 30th September 2018

Early Submission Deadline: 30th June 2018
Regular Submission Deadline: 31st August 2018
Extended Submission Deadline: 30th September 2018

Duration: up-to 40 Minutes

Format: Documentary or Short Film could be shot on any camera but English subtitles are compulsory for languages other than English.

Pre-selection Committee: All the Documentaries or Short Films will be confidentially screened by a pre-selection committee appointed by Arogya Sena. This committee reserves every right to exclude Documentaries which are not in conformity with the objectives of the competition or which offend national feelings or likely to promote discrimination based on gender, caste, creed, religion or language.

The Documentaries or Short Films lacking sufficient technical qualities will also be rejected. The entries shall be judged on the basis of originality, craft, entertainment and artistic quality, without regard to cost of production or subject matter.

Final Screening: Documentaries or Short Films selected by pre-selection committee will only be eligible for final screening at the competition venue.

Publication Authorization: All the official entrants will authorize the organizers to publish their Documentary or Short Film in SPIFF and will also allow usage of clips from the Documentary for the promotional usage on TV, Radio, in Print, at live festival events including photos, for which the entrants are solely responsible. Also, the organizers will be able to share the information with its publicity partners (if any).

Acknowledgement of the awards: Entrants must agree to acknowledge the award on the film itself if wins the award.

Return of the copies: Copies for the festival will be retained by the organizers' film archive for cultural, non-commercial, nonprofit festivals and archival screening in the future.

Cancellation/rejection: The core committee of Smita Patil Documentary and Short Film Festival appointed by Arogya Sena reserves the right to cancel any submission or take any action against any breach of regulations or any misbehaviour disturbing the course of the festival and reserves all the rights to refuse or reject any registration/entry of any Documentary or Short Film or persons or institutions.

A submission will be considered complete only after the DOWNLOAD IS ENABLED for the film's preview screener in FilmFreeWay.

FESTIVAL MAY NOT NECESSARILY ASK FOR DOWNLOAD indivisually if it is not enabled and the entry might be rejected.

For consideration as STUDENT SHORT FILM The director of the Student Short Film must be a current or recently graduated full-time student, and made as part of their course at the institute.

If the film is submitted under student category You have to upload your student photo ID proof. The submission will be considered only after receiving the submitting student’s valid ID proof by email to Please quote your FilmFreeWay tracking number in the subject line of the email

If the film has more than one director, the team should nominate one of the directors as a key person for all communication.

Submission will only be considered valid after receiving all the required documents and the final screening copy of the Documentary or Short Film on or before 30th September 2018 and will be considered as the final entry.

The original submitter of the selected film will be notified by email by November 12, 2018. Please ensure that you have provided us with your correct/valid email.

After notification of selection, the film may not be withdrawn from the festival under any circumstance.

Due to large number of entries we receive, we will not be able to offer any feedback to those films not accepted.

Results declared by the pre-selection committee and final juries will be treated as final and all the participants will abide by them. International winners will receive the award amount via online transfer which might take 30 days.

If the submitter is not the filmmaker/producer it is submitter's responsibility to convey the details to the filmmaker/producer/right holder within fifteen days of the email sent by the festival regarding the remittance process.

Failing to communicate might delay the remittance process and after 30 days festival reserves the right to cancel the remittance.

The communication will only happen on the email id provided at the time of submission unless requested to update the email id.

The winners will be informed regarding the additional documents required if any for award remittance, only after receiving the documents the remittance process will start.

International remittance WILL ONLY HAPPEN VIA PAYPAL.

For collection of trophies and certificate submitter will have to make the arrangments festival may not necessarily make the arrangments.

Arogya Sena and juries will not have any bindings to give any clarification or justification regarding the results to anyone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The core committee of Smita Patil Documentary and Short Film Festival appointed by Arogya Sena reserves the rights to make any changes in the rules and regulations or in the schedule of the competition.By submitting your film to SPIFF you accept the terms and conditions mentioned.

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Overall Rating
  • Darpan Bajaj

    Couldn't attend but communication was perfect and the winners were well deserving.

    December 2017
    Spiff logo 31
    Response from festival:

    Dear Darpan,

    Thank you for your review this means a lot to us.
    We missed you at the festival hope to see you and more of your films in future.

    Happy storytelling

  • Nikhil Singh Rajputt

    This is a great festival and had an amazing time receiving an award for my film. The organizers were prompt with cash awards and were always available and forthcoming.

    December 2017
    Spiff logo 31
    Response from festival:

    Dear Nikhil Singh Rajputt,

    Thank you for your appriciation.
    It's filmmakers like you who show trust and submit films to the festival helps us working towards our mission and vision.
    We would like to thank you and all the filmmakes for sharing your wonderful films with us and giving us a chance to connect storytellers and cinema lovers.
    We look forward to see more of your films in future.

    Happy Storytelling.

  • Mazin Sherabayani

    Fantastic film festival, staff were very helpful and communication was excellent, thanks for the opportunity.

    December 2017
    Spiff logo 31
    Response from festival:

    Dear Mazin,
    Thank you for your wonderful words it means a lot to us.
    We look forward to seeing more of your stories in future.
    Wishing you luck in all your endeavours.
    Happy storytelling.

  • I was unable to attend but the communication was superb. The events looked great and well attended on social media. I felt really lucky to get selected.
    Would love to participate in coming years for sure!

    July 2017
    Spiff logo 31
    Response from festival:

    Dear Dheeraj,
    Thank you for your wonderful review.
    We look forward to seeing more of your films at the festival.
    Wishing you luck in all your endeavors.
    Happy Storytelling!

  • Festival was good.But found lack in arrangements ,their own volunteers were making noise while screening was going on.only few films' posters were put there.
    Overall as experience was OK.

    December 2016
    Spiff logo 31
    Response from festival:

    Dear Rahul,
    Thank you for your review, we appreciate your honest feedback we will surely work on the points you have mentioned here, we would also like to say that out of 62 films screened we have displayed 43 it is not possible for the festival to display all the posters because of several reasons but, we do try to accommodate as much as possible.
    Regarding your mention of lack of arrangements we would be glad to have your feedback as where all we can improve and what best we can achieve with help of filmmakers and audience like you who participate in the festival as filmmaker and audience.It would also be great that if you could let us know as when you attended the festival out of two days which was the time when found the volunteers making noise, it will help us identify the volunteers and we could take appropriate and necessary steps to make the screening experience better for all.
    We look forward to receive your suggestions and feedback.
    Feel free to write us and we will get back to you regarding any queries and suggestions you may have.
    Happy Storytelling.