Submit your script, win, and the Grand Prize includes the production of your screenplay into a short film!


(which has some important bits so you should probably read it):

As an Independent Production Company having produced over 40 film projects since our first festival premiere in 2016, we know that moving from writing to production can be a challenging roadblock for writers. This can be especially true for writers from underrepresented communities, and writers who live in geographic locations far from major cities with large film communities.

For that reason, we decided to launch an annual short film screenplay competition. The Grand Prize? Space Dream Productions will fully produce the winning script and submit it to select festivals!

Will your screenplay become the next "Best Picture"?

With 19 Space Dream Productions Films garnering nominations or wins for "Best Picture" categories at festivals around the world, along with over 200 award nominations and special mentions, plus over 70 awards so far, we love working with talented writers to bring their stories to the big screen - will the next writer be you?

The winner of this competition will also receive on-screen and IMDb credit for the produced film.



That is a great question with a LONG answer! If you want to deep dive, we will link some resources. If you want the general overview, you can skip down to the Cliff's Notes version below.

Best way to know what we're looking for is to check out our podcast, "Filmmaking (Actually)" - - especially the episodes on writing! Auto-generated transcripts are available on Spotify:

The Cliff's Notes version is we're open to all genres, except unfortunately fan films due to copyright reasons. Not because we don't love great fan fic!

We tend to gravitate towards authentic stories without trite trope or stereotypes.



If your characters are diverse, that is awesome! But if their whole character experience and dialogue and the point of their existence on the page is to be focused on that one element of who they are, and nothing more than that, that is not so awesome. We would prefer to see a script featuring character descriptions only as they are relevant to the story, or casually and naturally mentioned in passing.

No singular element of a character should be the whole, singular focus of who they are as a person without that element having irrevocable and intrinsic relevance to the plot.

People are complex with thoughts, feelings, dreams, flaws - we're looking for human characters (or anthropomorphized characters if they are not human).

For your dialogue, is it natural? Real? Does it sound like an actual conversation or does it unintentionally read like a 1950's children's book or a stiff 1980's TV show? Do your characters naturally have different voices? Or do they all sound the same? Are the conversations stereotypical or organic? Do people trail off, interrupt each other, speak in specific tones in different social situations?

Is every single plot point just constantly talked about (even the emotions people are feeling), or are things shown through behavior, actions, etc?

Is the story interesting? Unexpected? Fit the genre? Does your drama have actual drama with dynamic emotion moving through the scenes?

Are you using language to convey emotion, location, story, character? Or just utilizing "F*k" in an unstated challenge against Roy Kent's average use per minute?

Are your scene descriptions enough to give context and leave room for collaboration with actors and the director and DP without being blocks of text that reads like a novel? Does each scene start and end with "they enter" "they exit" instead of a descriptive action, or the character mid a task?

Is the script easy to put down in the middle of reading it, or are we deeply invested in the characters and have to find out what happens next?

That's a good overview of what we're looking for!



All submissions agree to the rules listed below at the time of submitting.

Submitted scripts may NOT already be optioned, purchased, or produced.

Should the script become otherwise optioned, purchased, or produced after submitting, the script will no longer be eligible for the competition.

Additionally, writers who earn more than $25,000 annually from screenwriting of any kind are not eligible.

For copyright reasons, all submitted work must be entirely original and not an adaptation of other work or content based off existing IP (unless the submitter owns the rights to the original material, or the original material is in the Public Domain).

Multiple authorship is acceptable, provided all authors and/or rights holders agree to the rules and submission guidelines herein.

Anyone currently employed by or under an active Internship contract with Space Dream Productions, or who has been employed by or under an Internship contract with Space Dream Productions in the last 12 months, along with their immediate family and those living in their household are not eligible to submit.

Screenplays eligible for Judges feedback either through purchase (detailed feedback), or contest ranking (general feedback), will receive their feedback via PDF emailed to the email associated with their submission within 4 weeks of the public announcement of the winner.



All scripts must in English, and a total of 21 pages or less (including cover page). If your script is translated, we recommend having someone advanced in English proofread the translation so you do not risk getting a low score due to a poor translation. Google Translate and ChatGPT can be very poor translators. (Also, AI usage is not allowed).

To maintain anonymity of submissions, scripts must have a cover page that ONLY lists the script's title. Please ensure there are no names or other identifying information on the cover page.

The scripts may be watermarked designating that they are a Film Freeway copy, or even a copy submitted specifically to this contest. The cover page does not count towards the total page count.

All entries must be uploaded by the final most extended deadline and cannot be updated with new drafts after they have been submitted.

Space Dream Productions will utilize a team of experienced and accoladed industry professionals for the judging panel, and all judgements are final.

There are no refund options once a submission has been completed.



All screenplays will be read by at least 2 judges.

Official Selections will be further reviewed by the same number of judges each. Final score totals will decide the Top 10.

Again, all Space Dream Productions judging scores and decisions are final.

Top 10 screenplays will receive up to one page of general judge's feedback from one judge, including the breakdown of their overall score. *Please note: General feedback is general, and is not as in-depth as the full feedback available for additional purchase*

GRAND PRIZE (1st place):
The Grand Prize winner receives a grand prize trophy, quotable praise from the judges on their skills as a writer, and up to 2 hours of virtual consultation with Space Dream Productions Founder & CEO, Producer of over 40 film projects since 2016, Koura Linda.

In addition to the above, Space Dream Productions will produce the winning screenplay into a short film and cover select festival submission costs. Writer(s) of the screenplay will receive WGA standard writer credit on the film and on IMDb. If writer(s) do not have IMDb pages, Space Dream Productions will create one for them.

RUNNER-UP (2nd place):
In addition to the general judge's feedback, the runner-up receives a printed certificate, and a 1 hour virtual consultation with Space Dream Productions Founder & CEO, Producer of over 40 film projects since 2016, Koura Linda.

FINALISTS (5th-3rd place):
In addition to the general judge's feedback, Finalists receive a printed certificate and a 30 minute virtual consultation with Space Dream Productions Founder & CEO, Producer of over 40 film projects since 2016, Koura Linda.

SEMI-FINALISTS (6th-10th place):
In addition to the general judge's feedback, Semi-Finalists receive a printed certificate.

1. Submitters acknowledge they meet all eligibility criteria, and agree to the submission guidelines (both listed above).

2. ABSOLUTELY NO AI WHATSOEVER. All screenplays must be 100% written by human beings and may not have used AI in any way, at any time.

3. No porn. You know what porn is. We know what porn is. We're not going to make porn. If you submit porn, your script will be disqualified and you may be sad. Please save us both time and do not submit porn.

4. All submissions must include a note of any graphic content included in scene descriptions or discussed in dialogue, including medical events or medical procedures, sexual assault, and hate crimes. While we always suggest avoiding anything gratuitous, we absolutely agree that sometimes a story or a moment calls for something incredibly graphic as part of the story. If this is the case, a content notice must be included. If you are unsure as to if something warrants a content notice or not, we recommend including it as we will not deduct any points for an abundance of caution.

If you're concerned about spoilers, the notice can be exceptionally general (for example "this screenplay depicts graphic physical assault on pages 4-5"). We actually prefer more general notices as detailing graphic content in a notice can defeat the purpose of the notice.

Space Dream Productions reserves the right to fully disqualify any screenplay we determine to have extensively graphic content of any kind that does not include a note alerting of this content.

5. By submitting to this contest you understand and agree that this contest is nonrefundable, including for disqualification due to violating any rules contained herein.

6. All screenplays must be ORIGINAL and not infringe on the intellectual property of any third parties. Unfortunately, for this reason, fan films are not eligible. All other genres are welcome!

7. By submitting to this contest you are confirming that you own the rights to the script and have the authorization to enter into a contract for the production and transfer of rights to Space Dream Productions for the production of the script. If the screenplay selected for the grand prize is not able to enter into this contract, all following submissions will move up one place, with the runner-up replacing the grand prize winner, and so on.

8. Each screenplay will be reviewed by a minimum of 2 judges and the winning screenplay will be selected based on the following criteria:
Overall story
Please note: by "Produce-ability" we are not looking at raw page count, number of locations or characters or other algorithmic check-boxes. "Produce-ability" is how ready for production the screenplay is, and how well the script can immediately move from page to screen.

9. Registration of your screenplay is not required for submission, however, for your protection we do very strongly recommend registering your screenplay with the US Copyright Office and/or the Writers Guild of America to protect your work.

By entering this contest, all parties involved with the submitted screenplay understand and acknowledge that Space Dream Productions has multiple projects currently in development, and picks up new projects for production on a rolling basis which may be similar in theme or content to any screenplay submitted here. Once a screenplay is submitted, Space Dream Productions and any and all affiliated parties of every kind are fully released from any future copyright claim.