The Southern Comedy Showcase is a competitive film event that takes place annually at the landmark Strand Theatre in downtown Vicksburg, MS. All films selected to play are 100% filmmaker submitted.

Our showcase doesn't play games with silly, multiple deadlines and tiered fees. We have a single deadline and affordable entry fees.

Southern Comedy Showcase Gold Award (Best Overall Film)
Southern Comedy Showcase Silver Award (Runner Up)

Best Writer
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress

1) Works completed before Jan. 1, 2016 are not eligible.

2) All projects must be submitted by someone who holds a significant credit in the production. Only the following will be accepted without question: Producer, Director, Executive Producer, or Lead Writer. Any other crew member submitting a movie must have written authorization from the producer. Any submissions that don't meet this criteria will be rejected.

3) The showcase does not consider films that require screening/rental fees. By completing a submission to this event, you are guaranteeing our event the rights to publicly display your movie for profit.

4) Films which have played the showcase before are not eligible to be played again. If you submit a film which has been accepted in a previous season your film will not be selected and you will not be refunded. We will however send you an email saying we're sorry... that will make you feel better...

5) FILMMAKERS TAKE NOTE: We think that short films should be just that: short. Therefore, all films submitted to the shorts category must be 20 minutes in length or less, there is no exception to this rule. The showcase does not screen films between 20 and 45 minutes in length.

1) Only online screeners will be accepted.

2) There is no limit on the amount of works one individual can submit, however separate entry fees must be paid for each one.

3) Entrants have the right to withdraw their project from consideration at anytime before the 2/21/2018 deadline, however entry fees will not be refunded. Projects may not be withdrawn after this date.

4) Films that are not in English are welcome to submit, however, accurate English subtitles must accompany the film.

1) If selected to the showcase, you must provide a link to a downloadable copy of your movie. After the showcase, the screening crew ensures the digital copy is permanently deleted from our files. We do not stream films off the internet. If an accepted film is not made available via download then it is not played.

2) Each accepted work will receive two tickets to the showcase. Other cast or crew in attendance will need to pay the cast and crew discounted admission rate (don't worry it's cheap!). Cast and crew invited to give presentations or do Q&A's are not charged entry fees.

3) By receiving an acceptance notice, you agree to allow the showcase to use still images and photographs of your production in electronic media for promotional and advertising purposes. Accepted feature films agree to allow the showcase to use stills and photos in both electronic and print media for promotional and advertising purposes.

4) Just like it's stated in the submission rules, if the film isn't in English, accurate English subtitles must be present on the downloaded copy of the film.

1) Separate entries must be made for each episode submitted. Please do not attempt to submit an entire series with one submission.

1) This is a comedy film event. If you submit something that doesn't make any attempt at being funny then your chances of success here are nil.

2) Feel free to send us what you wish, however please note that any material with a high amount of R rated content is probably not going to get played. A good rule of thumb is to keep it low-end PG-13 and under.

3) Please pay attention to the sound quality of what you submit. We simply cannot play films that have poor audio with levels, eq's, etc. all over the place. If you notice bad audio on your monitors/mixing headphones just imagine how it's going to sound in a theater with a big sound system.