As we continue to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic and follow health experts' advice, we want to keep our filmmakers updated.

In the event of postponement or cancellation due to Covid-19, filmmakers will be able to use their 2021 submission fee for the 2022 festival. Film completion deadlines will be extended to maintain eligibility for Skyline 2022. If the festival goes online in part or full filmmakers will have the option to opt out of screening to protect premiere status.

As a non-profit and supporter of our great local sponsors, we thank everyone for their patience while we navigate the best way to continue to fulfill our mission, while being responsible to our staff, volunteers, and patrons.

At Skyline Indie Film Fest we bring to the Shenandoah Valley the absolute best in independent, undistributed films from around the world. To us, indie means off the beaten path. It means making films because you love to. Daring to be different, to learn and grow. It means overcoming obstacles that could be swept aside if you only had a few more dollars in your bank account. By getting your message across through the use of resourcefulness and adaptability. It means taking initiative, being responsible, and getting in the face of and not backing down from obstacles, naysayers, and detractors. The indie spirit is alive and well and here, we support, embrace, and celebrate it.
Will you help us… Foster the Indie Spirit!

Discounts expire March 31, 2021

The below discount codes are available for students, women, and for films produced in Virginia and Washington, D.C. Only one discount may be used per submission. Any misuse of discount codes will result in automatic disqualification without refund.

SupportLocalFilm2021: 25% discount for films produced in Virginia and Washington D.C. To qualify, submitted film must have been filmed in Virginia or Washington, D.C. Qualification details must be included in your cover letter.

SupportWomenFilmmakers2021: 25% discount for female directors and producers. To qualify, submitted film must have been directed or produced by a woman. This discount is in recognition of the challenges that women face having their voices heard in a predominantly male-dominated film industry.

SupportStudentFilm2021: 25% discount for student films. To qualify, submitted film must have been produced or directed by individuals who were enrolled in school (college or graduate level) and carried a valid student ID at the time of the film’s production. Qualification details must be included in your cover letter; a copy of the producer or director’s student ID may be required.

SupportLGBTQFilm2021: 25% discount for LGBTQ+ directors. To qualify, submitted film must have been directed by someone in the LGBTQ+ community. This discount is in recognition of the challenges that our friends in the LGBTQ+ community face having their voices heard in a predominantly cis-dominated film industry.

SupportBIPOCFilm2021: 25% discount for Black, Indigenous and People of Color directors. To qualify, submitted film must have been directed by someone from the BIPOC community. This discount is in recognition of the challenges that BIPOC filmmakers face having their voices heard as an underrepresented demographic of the film industry.

Juried and Audience Awards for Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary Feature, and Best Short. $500 cash prize for juried awards and $150 cash prize for audience awards.

The Skyline Indie LEGEND award is presented to an actor who has elevated the art of independent film. The Skyline Indie STORYTELLER award is presented to a filmmaker whose work, across genres, has broken new ground and inspired a new generation of artists.

1. Works-in-progress will be accepted for consideration, but only if the timeline for completion is appropriate for the festival. These will be accepted or denied on a case-by-case basis based on the analysis of the programmer.
2. Films with distribution in place are eligible for screening, but NOT eligible for juried awards consideration.
3. All eligible films must have been completed after January 1, 2019 and must NOT be available to screen in-full online or on a streaming platform.
4. There are no fee waivers. The festival will not respond to any waiver requests.
5. Payment does not guarantee entry into the competition, only that it will be viewed by the programming department and considered for competitive judging.
6. There shall be no refunds. Efforts will be made to contact you if a problem arises but your entry fee shall not be refunded.
7. Preview copies submitted on physical media shall not be returned.
8. Exhibition copies of submissions shall be in a digital file format, with no watermark, intended for laptop playback; h.264 codec is preferred (MP4). Physical discs and drives will not be returned without a self addressed stamped envelope. No exceptions.
9. Entrants shall retain full rights to their submissions.

Once all films have been reviewed by our screening panel official selections will be determined and forwarded to our judges. If your film becomes an official selection of Skyline Indie Film Fest 2021 you will be notified via email no later than July 1, 2021.

By submitting to Skyline Indie Film Fest you grant the festival permission to display the film's trailer, stills and information from the required press kit/EPK on the festival website, social media outlets, and in other marketing and promotional actions.

Overall Rating
  • Cindy Wathen-Kennedy

    An absolute delight to work with. Fantastic festival.

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    It has been our privilege to share your film. Thanks for being a part of SkIFF 9!

  • Rikki Stinnette

    We were thrilled that our short film got into Skyline Film Fest! Brian is a welcoming host and ran a lovely, safe film festival during COVID. The selection was also impressive, with a truly thought-provoking and entertaining slate.

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Rikki! Hope we see you next year, too!

  • Ben Fussiner

    Thank you for selecting my screenplay, Together Delirious, for the 2020 Skyline Indie Film Fest. I really appreciate the recognition.

    September 2020
    Response from festival:

    Our pleasure Ben, thank you for be a writer and for sharing your work with us. I hope we can meet in person in 2021!

  • Skyline Indie Film Fest were a joy to work with! The handled this challenging virtual year beautifully and took care of our films and our teams with respect and love! We had a great Q&A and were made to feel like we had a little piece of the festival experience. To receive two awards for our feature was a massive surprise and we are so grateful to the festival and to the audience members who voted! Congrats to all.
    Thank you.

    September 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Lisa! I can't wait to see what UPROOTED does moving forward!

  • Carly Bryant

    Thank you from the heart of Brazil! A great honour for our music documentary MY BLOOD IS RED to be selected. Best wishes from alll at NEEDS MUST FILM.

    September 2020
    Response from festival:

    Great documentaries are easy to select and MY BLOOD IS RED is definitely a great doc. It was our pleasure to include this film and we are so happy to see the continued success at other festivals. Thanks for including Skyline as part of your festival run!