The Regional Competition for the Skills Canada BC trade and technology competitions provide parents, teachers, students, labour and government with opportunities to explore skilled trades and technology careers. They will produce videos within a five-hour period that must be planned, filmed, and edited based on a specific phrase or theme.
The purpose of this challenge is to evaluate the student's proficiency in the video production field.

The gold winners from this competition will participate in the Provincial Virtual competition which takes April 13th, 2022, where gold medal winners from all over the province compete to win the provincial gold and a spot in the national competition.

Each team on the day of the competition will plan, shoot and edit a 60 second video that uses the theme presented to them by the proctor at the orientation meeting on the day of the competition.
This video will be produced in a 5-hour continuous time block between the dates of February 21st to 25th . The completed video must be exported to the competitor's desktop before the end of this time period. The submission to FilmFreeway is NOT included within this time period BUT MUST be uploaded to the FilmFreeway site by 3:00 pm Monday 28th, 2022 for judging purposes.