Sikh International Short Film Festival Australia is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to creating awareness of and pride in the diversity, culture and history of the Sikhs, as well as the contributions of Sikhs in Australian society.

First Prize: $2000AUD
Second Prize: $1000AUD
Third Prize: $500AUD

- Film must be in Punjabi, English & Hindi language and supported by English subtitle.
- Films up to 15 minutes are showcased under COMPETITION SECTION.
- Any use of foul language must be beeped.
- Product name should not be highlighted.
- While showing any drug related product on screen then the message “DRUG IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH” must be displayed.
- Non Political / No Nudity : Any kind of Political Affair and/or Nudity must not be screened at the Film.
- Film should not have been already released on DVD, Broadcast on T.V. or the Internet.