shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival is a premier venue for the exhibition and promotion of short films. The festival is an exceptional twelve-day event with a unique concept – a transnational film festival simultaneously taking place in eight cities on five continents worldwide. The festival includes three main segments:

shnit FINALE

In its seventeen years of existence, shnit has become a major international short film festival that reinvents itself in ever new forms. What started as a local initiative is now an exceptional transnational event that connects and inspires makers and fans of short films across the globe. shnit embraces diversity, originality, and exchange between creators and an audience from different cultures and backgrounds. It is the main goal to actively increase the perception of short filmmaking by creating a multi-platform event for high-quality short films. With its cinematic treats, the popular festival fascinates more than 35.000 visitors and therefore belongs to the leading short film festivals in the world.

shnit is a non-profit organization. The annual festival is created and centrally coordinated by the shnit FOUNDATION in cooperation with the executives. The organization is built on principles of excellence and professionalism, enabling the global expansion of the festival possible.

The shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival includes five award categories with cash prizes of US $24.000 and attracts award-winning short filmmakers from around the globe. As a result, shnit presents a competition program of exceptional quality and density. The prestigious award THE FLAMING FAUN is granted to the winners during shnit FINALE in New York.


The audience decides by voting in all INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS (INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION & WORLDWIDE COMPETITION) the following award (will be given to the film director(s)):
• shnit AUDIENCE Award: Festival trophy THE FLAMING FAUN for the best film in this competition


The organizers will nominate an international Jury of three members. Films with PLAYGROUNDS* premiere status will be considered primary. The following prizes will be given to the film directors:
• shnit JURY Award: Festival trophy THE FLAMING FAUN & 5.000 US$ for the best film in this competition


The organizers will designate a president of the shnit TRIBUTE to elect the three winners out of the nine nominated films. Nominations are done by the shnit TRIBUTE members. The members of the shnit TRIBUTE are former participants of INTERNATIONAL and
NATIONAL COMPETITIONS who can give their vote on the shnit TRIBUTE platform. The following prizes will be given to the film directors:
• shnit TRIBUTE Award | Category up to 10 minutes: Festival trophy THE FLAMING FAUN & 3.000 US$ for the best film in this category
• shnit TRIBUTE Award | Category up to 20 minutes: Festival trophy THE FLAMING FAUN & 3.000 US$ for the best film in this category
• shnit TRIBUTE Award | Category up to 40 minutes: Festival trophy THE FLAMING FAUN & 3.000 US$ for the best film in this category


The organizers nominate one national jury per PLAYGROUND*. The kind of honoring per NATIONAL COMPETITION varies and is specified in the letter of confirmation. The following films are eligible for a NATIONAL COMPETITION:
• Origin of the film production from one of the PLAYGROUND* countries
• Origin of the film director from one of the PLAYGROUND* countries

Submissions for a NATIONAL COMPETITION automatically qualify as entries for all INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONs. Double submission is not necessary.

• all genres
• the maximum length of 40 minutes (including credits)
• completed July 1st, 2017 or later
• completed productions only (working copies will not be
• a film can be submitted only once
• premiere not required
• accepted screening formats digital file
(Apple ProRes 422 or H.264)
• screening copy must be in or subtitled in English
• by submitting the film, you commit to the screening if the film is

• fill in the submission form
• upload at least one still photo of the film
• make sure the preview file is working correctly
• preview file must be in or subtitled in English
• final selection is announced on October 1st, 2019 at
• only the submitters of the selected films will be notified personally

• please note that ONLY the submitters of the selected films will be notified personally
• information is given in the entry form (synopsis, credits, etc.) will be used as such in all printed publications and on the website
• please have your screening copy ready for sending in from 1st of July
• screening copy must have English subtitles and be identical to the preview copy
• the festival is authorized to make excerpts not exceeding 10% or max. 3 minutes of the total running time of the selected films to be used in promoting the festival in various media and the Internet and for promotional (incl. shnit-postcards), archival and other non-commercial purposes
• the festival will ensure the screening copy while in the festival's possession (The insurance will follow the regulations of FIAPF)
• the festival offers the representative of the film (1 person) accommodation for three nights in Bern during the festival
• ensure that nominated filmmakers are ready to travel to the shnit FINALE in New York (October 28th, 2019) to be part of the award ceremony

Films selected to the competitions can automatically be entered into shnit film festival’s online film library without separate notification. The online film library is available for accredited professionals only and is open for four weeks till November 14th, 2019.
After the festival, a few films from the official selection may be screened as a BEST OF–program, in cinemas and cultural centers in various countries. Best efforts will be made to ensure that filmmakers whose films are being screened as BEST OF will be informed about the place(s) and date(s) of the screening(s)

Any such cases not mentioned in these regulations will be left to the festival's consideration (in accordance with FIAPF International Regulations). By submitting the entry form, the submitter acknowledges that they have read, understood and accepted the regulations without reservation. The extended regulations and explanations are at

Overall Rating
  • Mi cortometraje no quedó en competencia sino en la sección de muestra. Sin embargo, los organizadores siempre estuvieron atentos a mis necesidades y pendientes de todo. Fue una grata experiencia que espero repetir en los próximos años.

    November 2018
  • I wasn't able to attend but from the photos it seemed like a great event. My film played in Russia and got feedback on Vimeo from people who'd seen it in the theatre as well and they said they loved the event. I felt like i got good communication from the team as well.

    November 2017
  • Great festival, and great communication!.

    November 2017
  • Sean Wirz

    Great festival, awesome and motivated staff of volunteers and cool festival concept. Unfortunately the quality of the screenings is poor and unprofessional and technical support is cumbersome.

    November 2017
  • Aidan Whytock

    This is the best short film festival I've been to. World class short films under one roof and a collection of some of the best, most ambitious and approachable filmmakers.

    November 2017