This festival is no longer active. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Love, SFSFF.

The South Florida Student Film Festival (SFSFF), open to high school students around the state of Florida, is an organization founded by students designed to bring about awareness concerning the art of student filmmaking. SFSFF shines a positive light upon Middle & High School students who love the beauty of motion pictures.

Being students ourselves, we know that WE are the next generation of filmmakers. With it, we usher in endless possibilities of what the public sees on the screen and endless possibilities of how to change the landscape of film forever. The South Florida Student Film Festival is a place for YOU to express yourself and your creativity and maybe even earn the opportunity to have your short film, documentary, or experimental film played on the big screen! In addition, you have the opportunity to win great prizes, meet industry professionals and other student filmmakers, and learn how to make better films!

What makes us different? We were created and are completely run by students.

We can't wait to watch your movie!

Awards and prizes will be announced on our website and here soon!

The following rules apply to all contests. Please read over them, as any submission that
does not abide by them risks immediate disqualification.

1. Each student may submit ONE project to each of the three categories (a total of 3 submissions per student).

2. Students must submit a copy of their student ID to the South Florida Student Film Festival if it is requested.

3. All entries may be used by the South Florida Student Film Festival and its affiliates for
promotional and marketing purposes.

4. All entries are subject to United States Copyright Laws and will not be shown at the festival if these laws are disregarded.

5. All submissions must be submitted to the South Florida Student Film Festival via FilmFreeway.

6. Projects may be no longer than thirty (30) minutes in length. Any projects over the time limit will not be shown.

7. Students must attend a high school in Florida to be eligible to win. While registering your project, you will be required to enter your high school's name and upload a copy of their student ID. SFSFF reserves the right to contact your school to confirm you are a student that is currently attending.

8. The SFSFF will not cover transportation, hotels, food, or any other expenses incurred while visiting South Florida.

9. These rules are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the South Florida Student Film Festival and its affiliates. All rules are expected to be followed when judges view your piece.

Overall Rating
  • Bryce Gunning

    Wonderful festival! What these students are doing is phenomenal! We need more just like this. The communication and hospitality were perfect. The pizza and drinks before the festival was a very nice touch. I hope they continue to do this festival every year!

    December 2016