Sex Cam Liquid

Sex Cam Liquid is an ongoing project
With my alter ego I go through fetish and kinky sexuality and in particular the play with the J-LUBE,
A lubricant used in the fetish world of fisting it allows a very great fluidity of the bodies, the fingers.

These creations are the result of Minnie Fetish's sex cam where she shows off to excite other guys, they ask her for specific acts and in particular used J-LUBE and mixing other fluids such as edible paint from fruits, yogurt or even it gives a new liquid with new color, consistency, smell.

Minnie Fetish is one of my alter-egos, she performs bdsm acts with dance, how to love an uninhibited sexuality pushing one's limits in a gentle and benevolent way.

Sex Cam Liquid is in progress because I will rework on top of the photos and add lubricants, other ingredients of other materials. My creativity is great !

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    April 24, 2023
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Artist Biography

Sosucks (Filali Sofiane-they/he) - born on 08/11/89
Self-taught multidisciplinary artist,
I deconstruct Arabic calligraphy, via the spectrum of painting.
My body, I put it in motion in dances “anchored in the earth” and
through performative alter-egos such as Minnie Fetish or Sandokan Soufi.

Through Minnie Fetish , I explore the world of BDSM and as always it will do everything to make you want to try to feel yourself in your body and push your limits.

I appropriate the sexual violence I had during my childhood and throughout my life
Through my Sex Cam I reappropriate my sexual violence and transform it into an ability to control the desires of Internet users through our screens.

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