Producer, director, screenwriter, animator, graphic designer and drummer Sergio Barbasso, born on August 16, 1979 in Italy, is dedication and stubbornness at its finest, when it comes to chasing dreams.
Always passionate about animated movies and rock music, Barbasso decided in 2010 to merge the two worlds and create several stories from the perspective of a hilarious underdog rock band, who has nothing but great music and the ability to mess everything up every time.
He always intended the entire project to be a cartoon, but due to budget issues, he started working to a comic version. He developed, self-produced, and released his first comic book on July, 2011, making everything by himself, from the concept to distribution.
Given the interest around the comic book and his funny virtual band, he decided to spend less time on his significant career as a graphic designer in Italy, and gave birth to a real animated cartoon, saying goodbye forever to his little free time.
In 2013, together with an American partner, Sergio Barbasso created a small production company in Las Vegas: Tuttipazzi Productions.
Ever since then, Barbasso has created tons of screenplays, drawings and pre-animations for 22-min episodes, trying to sell his cartoon. In 2015, tired of waiting to have proper finances or some space on TV, he decided to create short webisodes for YouTube. He obviously didn’t even have money to pay for storyboard artists or animators, so he started learning and running personally every step of the animation process: direction, screenplay, storyboards, animatic, voice over, layouts, SFX creation, audio editing, animation, post-production, marketing, and promotion.
Barbasso gained good visibility with the first two short episodes on YouTube, in terms of views, interviews on TV, radio, and magazines. But he wanted more.
He needed a full pilot, in order to get some serious attention from investors and broadcasters. He tried every way to get the proper financing, but the money he collected wasn’t enough to do something that big. So, Barbasso decided to take all the stubbornness (and the coffee) he had, he locked in his apartment, and spent over 9 months, working 24/7, to have the pilot done.
Eventually, Barbasso was able to make a 20-min pilot ready to rock, by taking care once again of every step of the production. Every single step, from the idea to the animation.
Sergio Barbasso is now ready for his first experience as a protagonist in several Festivals around the globe. He wants to keep seeing how far his dedication could bring him. He wants to keep learning, failing, and repeat. Just like his fictional band. Over and over, until he achieves what he’s been fighting to get for so long: to have his chance to bring his crazy cartoon on TV.
"Kept it in s small bowl, the goldfish will remain small. With more space, the fish will grow double, triple or quadruple its size." - Big Fish
"It all came so close to never happening" - 25th Hour