Submit your short screenplay (10 pages or less) to the festival contest. Winners get their screenplay turned into a screenplay movie.

What we do is give your screenplay a visual & audio experience using images and professional voice over actors to bring your words and characters to life.

At least 1 winner every single month!

All winners also receive an IMDB credit for their script to movie after it's completed.

Email us at if you have any questions.

Watch recent winning screenplays turned into movies:

Send in a short screenplay that's 10 pages or less.

Two options to submit. Submit solely for the contest for the chance to get your screenplay turned into a movie. Or, submit for professional feedback plus formally enter your short script into the contest.

Fast turnaround on submissions. 2-3 weeks! It's our focus to do as many Screenplay Movies as possible. If your script is ready, we'll turn it into a movie.